What does it mean to dream of a ship?

Over time, ships were interpreted in a variety of ways – from being considered symbols of fertility, to symbols of faith, peace, discovery, increased well-being and energy- overall they mostly had a positive symbolism.

To dream of a ship usually indicates that positive things will happen, but there are other meanings as well. A ship in a dream can symbolize the way you deal with your emotions.

It is important to attract favorable energy in the future. One way to do this is to think positively about what you have in your life.

If you had dreams about ships, here you can find out what those dreams mean.

In a general sense, dreaming of a ship indicates that a very beautiful period in your life is coming, which also brings positive changes.

All your hard work will finally see the light of day. Don’t give up because what you are working on will reach its peak very quickly. Many nice surprises await you.

When you dream of ships, this can also indicate repressed emotions and feelings in a general sense. A closer interpretation will depend on the context in which you dreamed of the ship.

Dreaming of a warship

If you see a warship in a dream, it may mean that you will soon experience a certain separation. This separation is mostly related to a business trip or business opportunity you have abroad.

The warship symbolically represents the emotions related to leaving, that is, separation from close friends and family that you would have to leave for a while.

You are aware of the fact that this situation is necessary in order to achieve the desired success, and you are ready for the sacrifice that the job brings with it. You are responsible for your future.

Dreaming of a big ship

If you see a large ship in a dream, abundance awaits you. Be prepared because you will experience great success very quickly.

This success does not have to refer only to the material things, but it can also refer to the prosperity that will bring you inner peace and stability.

Dreaming of a ship exploding

A ship explosion can be a metaphor for a catastrophe that awaits you in your private or business life.

If you are currently having problems in a specific field or in a some kind of job situation, expect to be very upset about it.

The explosion of a ship, that is, an explosion in your life, will affect not only you but also your loved ones.

In moments like this, the most important thing is to dedicate yourself to a quick recovery, because the consequences will certainly not go unnoticed.

Dreaming of being a captain of a ship

If you are a captain of a ship in a dream, this may mean that you subconsciously or consciously want to manage something in life, whether it is managing someone’s life or situation at your job.

You need to be superior and manage things around you. In addition, you are very capable of presenting things like this in the best way.

You are great at analyzing things and controlling all the details.

Another interpretation of this dream can be defined as the expression of excessive self-obsession. You may be a little more in the clouds during this period.

Although you want to play a major role in every aspect of your life, be aware that this is not always possible. Stay focused on reality and maintain stability.

Dreaming of traveling by a ship

If you dreamed of sailing a ship, it means that you secretly or consciously want a new beginning in life or some bigger change.

There is a possibility of starting a new chapter in your life abroad or in another environment, or some other major change, such as a change in life habits, job, etc…

Sailing on a ship can also indicate personal attitude towards others, being capable of expressing empathy and other feelings towards people in the environment.

A sailing ship means that a large financial gain awaits you. You will be able to get everything you have been dreaming about lately. You will be like a magnet for money.

If there is a possibility, it would be good to use this period to invest money in new projects.

Happiness is on your side. Whatever you start, you will be able to get the best out of it. Financial stability is essential.

To dream that you are on a ship during a storm

Another bad sign in a dream is a storm while you are on a ship. If your ship is in the middle of a storm, a difficult period of life and possible dangers await you.

This sign is also a warning that danger is near you and that you should try to save yourself.

Also, be careful at work because business instability or loss of the current position or a failure of the project you are working on is also possible.

Dreaming of a sinking ship

A dream in which a ship has sunk or in which it is sinking indicates that you could face failure very quickly. The plans you had or the project you worked on will not come true.

You will feel lost and depressed. In moments like this, the most important thing is to stay calm and believe that there is a way out.

With a strong will and effort, you will easily be able to return to the path you set out on.

Dreaming of a ship sailing out of a port

Dreams in which ships leave a port most often indicate financial stability or profit. The upcoming period will be very favorable for you.

Moreover, this dream can indicate a sudden gain or investment in something from which you will get a large income very quickly.

It is important that you make the most of this period and start a larger project because there is a strong possibility that you will not regret the current sacrifices you are making.

In the end, you will reap the fruits of your labour. Great success and happiness are inevitable.

Dreaming of a ship sailing into a port

A ship entering a port indicates that you will soon experience some success and that a happy period awaits you.

You are not afraid to work on yourself and discover new things and live your life, and because of this fearlessness and willingness to take risks, you will experience the happiest period of life.

This dream can also mean that you will easily avoid problems or that you will have the help of friends in solving certain problems. Luck is on your side this time.

Dreaming of a wrecked ship

To dream of a wrecked ship is not a good sign. These dreams usually indicate the possibility of financial problems and disloyalty.

If you have seen a shipwreck in front of you, or shipwrecks, you will encounter financial difficulties in life, which are solely the result of bad decisions and investments in the wrong places.

You need to direct your energy carefully.

Also, this dream can warn of weak loyalty and disrespect on the part of a business partner or at job among colleagues. Be careful not to be disappointed by your loved ones.

Dreaming of a fire on a ship

If the ship in your dream is on fire, bad time awaits you. No matter what you do, even if you try to get the best out of everything, nothing will work out for you during this period.

Everything you do will have the opposite effect.

In any case, you should not be depressed and give up, because with each fall you become stronger and more experienced, which will eventually give you the strength to overcome this time and enter a better period.

Dreaming of someone building a ship

If you see in a dream that a ship is being built, it is usually a good sign that indicates beautiful events that will give you a complete satisfaction in your life.

Also, the dream of building a ship may indicate the beginning of a new romantic relationship.

Dreaming of building a ship

Building a ship indicates personal progress. A prosperous period awaits you. Assembling a ship symbolizes stacking your experience like Lego bricks in the shape of a ship that will lead you to happiness.

The dream of building a ship indicates the opening of new paths where only positive energy accompanies you. Be confident in yourself and just keep going!

Dreaming of a ship anchored in a port

Anchored ships in dreams can be interpreted in two ways. In one context, these dreams indicate that travel awaits you, which is more of a private nature (with family or friends).

On the other hand, you also need to pay attention to the financial flow, because there is a possibility of spending more funds than you anticipated.

An alternative interpretation is that you are currently dissatisfied with your life and want to change it radically, preferably elsewhere.

Dreaming of an old ship

Dreams of old ships point to bad future events. If this ship is also damaged, the situation is worse than you expected.

The changes you wanted in your life will not turn out the way you planned. To get more concrete results towards achieving the goal, you will need the help of loved ones.

Don’t be surprised if you need to invest more than you imagined. Your dreams are not coming true, or at least the current situation that has befallen you does not allow things to improve.

During this period, nobody will think that you were born under a lucky star. It will take a little more effort and taking responsibility to overcome the problems.

Do not hesitate to communicate with people you trust, they will be your biggest support in overcoming the crisis.

It is very important that you first set a goal for yourself and think about the upcoming steps, and then take a clear path towards it.

Dreaming of a ship sailing a calm sea

A ship sailing a calm sea is certainly a good sign that indicates the existence of positive energy that accompanies you.

This also indicates progress, either in business or private life, which will be reflected in career improvement and a possible increase in income.

If you are thinking about long-term investments, this is the right period when you need to start them. Luck is on your side. You will achieve everything you did not believe you could.

Dreaming of a ship full of water

A larger inflow of money awaits you if water starts pouring into your ship in your sleep. It also points to enrichment through making important decisions.

Likewise, this could mean that many will emulate you and want to learn from you. Your power and influence will not go unnoticed.

Dreaming of a shipwreck

If you experience in a dream that you are witnessing a shipwreck, you will not be able to help a friend or acquaintance in danger or some other awkward situation.

In general, you will not succeed in trying to help. This dream may indicate a failed public appearance of a friend of yours or a threat to his current position (for example in a workplace).

You will give everything you can to help, but you will not succeed. Stay calm because you have done everything that you could.

Dreaming of dying in a shipwreck

If you die in a shipwreck in your sleep, you will experience a very unpleasant situation that will become more and more unfavorable for you over time.

This can even include an accident with the death of your loved ones. Be careful.

Dreaming of many ships

A larger number of ships in a dream can also indicate a larger number of connections that you want.

It is very possible that you cannot decide on one partner, so you are constantly looking for more in different places. In any case, you will not get the connection you expect at the moment.

Be aware that things do not happen in life for no reason, and that every situation has its purpose. At the end of the day, it will always be a good learning experience for you.

Dreaming of a cargo ship

A cargo ship in dreams is interpreted differently depending on the circumstances in which it finds itself. If your cargo ship is in a port, a profit awaits you, but you will have to wait a bit.

You will need patience. If a cargo ship sails, it indicates earnings and a better life. You will finally get what you wanted.

Ships also symbolize emotions. If the ship sank in a dream, you are most likely currently burdened by repressed emotions, which have been trapped inside you for some time.

Also, such a ship can be interpreted as a warning of dangerous relationships. A cargo ship in a storm symbolizes fear and weakness.

Dreaming of a ship being repaired

The dream of a ship being repaired symbolizes an attempt at deception.

In other words, be careful who you trust and who you spend time with, because someone might try to take away something that belongs to you.

Dreaming of a ship and a crew

If there is a crew on your ship, this dream predicts great things in life.

In order to achieve what you want, you must stand firmly behind your attitudes and beliefs, whether it is a random place or a certain situation at home.

It is very important that you focus on your goal and move forward, no matter what the environment serves you. With a clear goal, you will be able to fight for what you want.

Dreaming of an anchor

In the broadest sense, the anchor is a symbol of stability. A dream in which you saw an anchor may indicate your stability that you currently have in life.

What kind of anchor you dreamed of has an impact on the meaning – if the anchor is bigger, both your stability and focus are greater.

If you are in a relationship or marriage, this dream symbolizes your intense personal change or the beginning of a new chapter in life in the community, which will be very successful.

It can also indicate greater stability in private or business life. If you have observed anchoring in a dream, it is very possible that you will quickly experience a short love romance.

If you have tried to pull the anchor yourself, this can symbolize your desires for travel, adventure and some more extreme life events.

Alternatively, if the anchor you dreamed of has been lost and you are unable to find it, there is a risk that you will face difficulties on the way to your goals.

It is very important that you control your worries. An anchor can also represent some personal beliefs, subordination to others, delusions.

Dreaming of a wooden ship

Wooden ships are certainly one of the first associations when we think of ships. Wooden ships symbolize happiness, hope, consolation, a bright future and freedom.

Also, wooden ships indicate your adventurous spirit. Would you like to travel or have a short trip.

A wooden ship near the shore suggests a period of gathering and enjoying the family atmosphere. Your family comes first, and they are also the biggest support in your business.

If a wooden ship sails in your dream, you will probably have a lot of successful projects abroad or independence in the coming period.

If a wooden ship carries goods, this can symbolize a successful marriage or the beginning of a successful relationship and prosperity.

In a negative sense, a wooden ship that has sunk means that you could be disappointed by close friends, or that you will experience discomfort in the family.

If a wooden ship does not move on the water, ie anchored, this may indicate that currently you lack good business opportunities or that you are stagnating on your job. It is important not to lose hope.

If a wooden ship sinks, there may be a possibility of losing your business position or the job, or someone is planning to rob you. Be careful!

A pirate wooden ship or warship can mean facing hostility or bad decisions. It is very possible that you will be deceived or that someone will work behind your back.

If you dreamed of an old wooden ship covered with cobwebs and seagrass, this indicates mental pain or a situation that makes you feel bad in your skin.

Try to preserve your position in society, because it can also be shaken.

Dreaming of a sailboat

Dreaming of a sailboat symbolizes a stressful period or a stressful event in life. However, you will need this event to gain new experience and to guide you in understanding the crucial things for further action.

Do not take  this event as a bad experience, but as a lesson you need to master in order to fulfill all your expectations and desires.

Dreaming of a golden ship

Great happiness is before you if you dreamed of a golden ship. All your hard work will pay off. Just keep going as you go and success will be guaranteed.

Also, all the upcoming events will be in your favor, so do not be afraid. You can rely on luck this time!

Dreaming of a yacht

If you sail on a yacht in a dream, you can expect a dream come true. General, a yacht is a positive sign in a dream.

If you happen to be sailing on the river, someone will pleasantly surprise you or bring you good news.

If your yacht is white, this means that you can experience a sudden love romance that will leave a good impression on you. Romantic trips with your partner are possible.

Also, a yacht with sails indicates the fulfillment of dreams. However, if the yacht you saw is far away, it means that you still have a lot of work to do to reach your goals.

On the other hand, a sunken yacht indicates trouble or failure in a business venture. A project failure is possible. It has the same meaning if you are selling your yacht in a dream.

You can find yourself on a sudden trip or socializing if you dreamed of a luxurious yacht.

Dreaming of a ship – symbolism

Dreams of ships can have multiple meanings, and mostly bring good luck.

Such dreams can point to upcoming achievements, business successes, positive changes in life and satisfaction in the love life.

It can also represent a desire for long journeys and exploring the unknown. Ships bring peace, prosperity and symbolize productivity and the will to progress.

The following is a closer description of the reasons and symbolism of dreams about ships.

To dream of a ship as a symbol of happiness

Ships in a dream bring good luck. They are a sign of your current outlook on life and mood.

As the ship indicates happiness, this could be interpreted as a happy period of life or success awaiting you. You are satisfied with your life, you love your family and friends and you feel fulfilled.

No doubt you will achieve a lot of achievements. You are happy because of the people around you and that you can enjoy life together.

If you dream of a ship, this can also represent your feelings towards the situations that have happened to you.

You are probably happy that you managed to fight for things that you thought were impossible.

Dreaming of a ship as a symbol of productivity

Another positive symbol of ships is productivity.

If you dream of ships, they can also point to your creativity and dedication, which will result in better productivity and, as a result, you will enjoy a better and happier life.

It also indicates big changes, but also changes in your personality, ie its development.

By the fact that such dreams about ships indicate the development of productivity, they also say that you will work more intensively on yourself and develop personal abilities that will contribute to the improvement of your career.

To dream of a ship as a symbol of opportunity

Dreaming of a ship as a symbol of opportunity represents your current status or some events that follow you very soon. It is very important to be aware that you are the creator of your future.

You choose whether you will be happy. Always be positive and learn a lesson from every event. Stay positive and overwhelm yourself with optimism because only then will you reach the goal you are heading towards.

Dreaming of a ship as a symbol of prosperity

Well-being is considered one of the most beautiful and desirable feelings in life. Everyone wants to reach it, even though their experiences are unique for every individual.

The ship as a symbol of well-being can indicate the improvement of your current state of life, that is, the positive changes that await you.

In that sense, the dream of a ship would mean that you need to take a break and look at things in order to make a change or reorganization in order to achieve results.

With this type of dream, the most important thing is to serve your intuition and not do things that bring you imbalance and stress.

At the end of the day, you are the one who has to deal with yourself and your well-being, whether it is mental, physical or material.


It is always important to remember what you see in a dream in order to interpret it correctly. Ships are interpreted differently if they are abandoned, with a crew, or if you are on the ship.

Also, the environment and conditions in which the ship is located are important for a better understanding.