What does it mean to dream of a robbery?

The dream of a robbery usually indicates something bad is happening to you. Such dreams often indicate a feeling of helplessness, sadness and lack of security.

Sometimes it will occur as a reaction to the unfair treatment you are exposed to, a feeling of insecurity or some material loss.

They can also be a sign of lost hope or a loss of some property. According to some interpretations, robbery indicates that some success have been unjustly taken away from you and attributed to another person.

If you are a robber in your dream, your subconscious may warn you about some bad traits or actions. Pay attention to what was stolen in the dream and try to find a symbolic connection with reality.

There are different interpretations of such dreams and it is believed that you can dream of a robbery for different reasons.

That is why it is important that when a dream like this appears, remember as many details that appear in it, the whole atmosphere, the object of theft, your feelings, and of course whether you are in the role of a robber, a robber or an observer.

All these elements make up the context of the dream, so knowing that there could be different interpretation we can also say that  the act of robbery itself implies different connotations.

Dreaming of robbing someone

Dominant personalities and difficult people, who are inclined to manipulate others and always turn situations to their advantage, will more often find themselves in the opportunity to dream of robbing someone or something.

Maybe the subconscious warns you and tells you that not everything you like belongs to you?

This kind of dream can be an opportunity to reconsider your actions and consider whether you have made a mistake about the people you love and inflicted suffering on them in order to achieve a goal.

If you dream that you have robbed someone, this dream could mean that financial success is probably waiting you, thanks to a smart investment.

This interpretation claims that you have made wise choices in the past and are now reaping the fruits of your good choices.

Dreaming of someone been robbed

If you have witnessed robberies in your dreams, you are probably facing a very stressful period in your life. Sometimes things seem out of control and you feel powerless.

It seems to you that your actions are not driven solely by internal motivation, but your decisions are influenced by external factors.

Try to focus on the positive things in your life and remove all the elements of stress that you can avoid in everyday life.

According to one interpretation, the dream of a robbery that you are witnessing indicates the distance that reigns between you and your family members or close friends.

Dreams like these can herald the changes that await you and the challenges that lie ahead, such as physical separation from loved ones or feelings of alienation that you will face.

Dreaming of being robbed

Although the dream in which you were robbed can have different meanings and is subject to different interpretations, almost always this situation indicates a feeling of helplessness and injustice inflicted on you.

If you dream that you have been robbed and you are planning to start a new business or invest money, you should reconsider your intentions because this dream may be a warning of failure and material loss.

Such a dream can also indicate to you the doubts you have about your career.

A bad omen is a dream in which you are robbed under the threat of a knife because the knife is a symbol that always carries strong negative connotations and indicates aggression, anger and violent separation from what is important to you.

This kind of dream can warn you of big financial losses or dismissal.

The good thing is that properly interpreted warning dreams provide an opportunity to react in time and take steps that will protect you and change the outcome of the situation in your favor.

Dreaming of being caught in a robbery

The discomfort you felt after the dream in which you were caught in a robbery, is actually a warning to reconsider your decisions, intentions and actions.

Maybe in your desire to get something you have neglected the damage you will do to someone else?

Take this dream seriously and think about your life and the path you are on. There is still time to change your plans, avoid a detour and thus save yourself from future troubles.

Dreaming of catching a robber

If you catch a villain in a dream, you deserve the status of a hero. This is a sign of social recognition that awaits you and that can open various new opportunities for success in life.

If a robber is arrested in your dream, your business or financial problems are coming to an end. A period of stability and prosperity awaits you.

If you saw in a dream that the robber was placed in prison, the plans you are working on will bear fruit after a lot of effort. You will emerge victorious from the battles you are currently fighting, after a series of ups and downs and great effort.

Dreaming of someone trying to rob you

Even with dreams like this, robbery has the meaning of a problem, but just as in a dream it is only an attempt at a robbery. In reality the problems will only threaten you, but they will not really endanger you. However, be careful and keep an eye on anything that carries a risk.

Dreaming of discovering that you have been robbed

If you dream that you have discovered that you have been robbed, it may indicate problems with the money you are currently in or that are just waiting for you.

Maybe the source of income you were counting on isn’t as secure as you thought? On the other hand, a dream in which you find out that you have been robbed can have a completely different meaning.

If in a dream you suddenly discover that something you possessed is missing, it may be a sign of your repressed desire to get rid of the source of worries in your life.

Dreaming of preventing robbery

When you dream that you have prevented a robbery, your subconscious actually tells you that you have the ability to face problems and emerge from awkward situations as a winner.

You are a person who always finds the best solutions and overcomes obstacles in the interest of everyone involved in a particular situation.

Although this dream probably warns you of the problems that lie ahead, at the same time it encourages you because you have already proven many times that you are capable of coping with great challenges.

Prepare for another temptation – this is the message this dream carries.

Dreaming of robbing a bank

If you invest too much energy in something or someone, your subconscious may suggest it in a dream about a bank robbery.

In that case, this dream should be interpreted as a warning to get out of these circumstances before it is too late and before you start feeling devastated.

Sometimes you will dream this kind of dream when you find yourself in a situation where someone owes you money but persistently does not return it, and you do not remind him of the debt out of discomfort or some other reason.

You may try not to think about the money that someone owes you, but your subconscious has not forgotten it.

The dream of a bank robbery can also indicate excessive spending and financial problems that you might face.

Maybe your money situation is good at the moment, so it doesn’t seem that problems are possible, but this dream warns you that circumstances can change faster than you think.

The dream in which you are a bank robber reveals that you are thinking of dishonest methods in your plans. You do not believe that your goals can be achieved without the use of extreme measures.

Maybe your conscience warns you that you have appropriated something you are not entitled to or that you have come to own something by doing something in a  dishonest way.

Dreaming of seeing someone robbed

When you see someone in a dream who has been robbed, it is a sign that someone you know needs your help.

Think about who it could be from your family members, acquaintances or friends, and if you really help that person, great luck awaits you.

Dreaming of robbing a car

The dream of a car robbery can be interpreted in two ways. From a positive angle, it predicts rapid changes for the better and periods full of success.

In a negative context, such dreams could indicate problems you are facing in reality.

Dreaming of someone robbing your house

The robbery you experienced in your sleep is always a sign of a feeling of disturbed security.

This is especially true in dreams in which your house is robbed because it represents the place where you feel safest and most comfortable.

If your privacy is compromised, you may have a dream like this. Also, the dream of a robbery taking place in your house can indicate challenges related to the family.

Dreaming of someone dying in a robbery

When someone loses their life during a robbery in your dream, the dream is related to money and finances.

Innocent victims of robbery predict your financial problems, while the death of the robber indicates overcoming financial problems.

Dreaming of an armed robbery

The dream of armed robbery can be interpreted in different ways. If you dream of an armed robber, your financial situation is stable, your values ​​are safe and you are not threatened by risky investments.

If you have been robbed, humiliated and threatened with a weapon in a dream, this is a good sign for your business life in reality – professional success and progress await you. If in a dream you confronted an armed robber but he still overpowered you, someone envies you and could ruin your happiness.

Dreaming of a sudden robbery

A sudden robbery in a dream is a call for caution when it comes to finances.

Take care where you invest money to avoid unnecessary losses and watch the dynamics of spending money because you may be acting a little wasteful and spending more than you can afford.

Dreaming of a robbery on the street

When you dream of a robbery happening on the street, it mostly means that you will be faced with some problems in the near future.

A street robbery indicates an element of surprise that undermines your power and faith in a good outcome.

Think of these dreams as a warning and a preparation opportunity that will give you an advantage when you face adversity.

Every challenge is an opportunity for growth and the strength of an individual is always greater than he expects.

Dreaming of a robbery or a robber – symbolism

Like everything we dream of, robbery can occur in our dreams for many different reasons. Here are some guidelines that will help you determine by careful analysis why you dreamed a dream like this.

Dreaming of robbery as a symbol of uncertainty

Insecurity is often the dominant emotion behind dreams of robbery and robbers. Maybe the circumstances in your life right now are such that you have a reason to feel upset and insecure?

Maybe it’s just a small current problem that will be solved soon, but it causes your discomfort, or is it a situation that has been bothering you for a long time and disturbing your inner peace?

Sometimes they are a source of insecurity for the people around us. Maybe someone left your life when you felt safe, or maybe there were people in your life who didn’t trust you enough?

If you recognize in your environment someone with whom you fail to establish a healthy relationship and for whom you feel that he is with you only for his own benefit, do not hesitate to reconsider and then end this toxic relationship.

Dreaming of a robber as a symbol of injustice

When you feel robbed, what is taken from you does not have to be a material thing or money. We often feel like we have been robbed even when the credit for something we have done is taken over by another person.

If you are facing a situation in your professional life in which your merits have been unfairly attributed to someone else, it is possible that a robbery will occur in your dream.

Also, if you helped a friend solve a problem, and he missed the opportunity to recognize your role in that situation, this may be a reason for your subconscious to face robbery in your dreams.

Dreaming of robbery as a symbol of loss

Whether it is a material or emotional loss, when this situation occurs in your life, it can be transferred to the dream world in the form of a robbery.

You may be afraid that you will lose something that is important to you, or you may be afraid that you will be able to save something that you are not able to keep an eye on all the time.

If someone exploits you or makes you feel restless, you lose your peace and happiness because of them, that will appear in a dream in the form of a robbery.

Dreaming of robbery as a symbol of dishonesty

If in your personal life you are faced with a situation in which someone treats you in a way that you did not deserve, that is another reason to dream of robbery.

This can be caused by unfair treatment at work, an emotional partner who does not provide you with enough love and support, or a relationship in which a friend blames you for something that is not your fault.

Your subconscious tells you to stand up for yourself and fight for the treatment you deserve.

Dreaming of a robber as a symbol of bad qualities

Sometimes we do bad things even though we know it’s wrong, but we find different excuses for ourselves.

On the other hand, sometimes we are not even aware that our actions are not correct because we look at them only through our interests.

However, the subconscious almost always recognizes that something is wrong and tries to signal it to us.

If you dream of robbing someone or something, it may be a sign that you are trying to appropriate something that does not belong to you.

Reconsider yourself and keep in mind that you may not always have everything you want.

Other people’s needs are just as important as yours, and on the way to achieving your goals, you must pay attention to other people’s feelings.

Dreaming of a robbery as a symbol of lost hope

Lost hope is also one of the causes of dreams in which robberies occur.

In that case, dreams should be understood as a warning to keep what you care about so that you do not end up in a situation where you lose all hope.

Dispose of your resources carefully, whether it is time, money or emotions, because reckless stakes can lead to losses.


Although the dream of robbery does not always mean that you will be robbed or that something will be taken away from you, it is usually a warning of some danger or an invitation to think about your own and other people’s feelings.

These dreams remind you of what is important and how to preserve it.