What does it mean to dream of a pool?

Dreaming of a pool can often be a reflection of some of your thoughts or emotions, because the interpretation is associated with dreams about water.

Maybe you are trying to explore your subconscious, trying to get to know and understand yourself better.

Since you saw a pool in a dream, and not, for example, a river, sea or ocean, it indicates a lower intensity of your emotions than it would be if you dreamed of some of these water surfaces.

A dream with a pool can have different meanings. As we have already mentioned, it is often associated with what water symbolizes, and that can be peace and purity.

This kind of dream can also mean that your subconscious is trying to send you a message. It may indicate some of your worries, fears, weaknesses, or feelings that you are hiding or suppressing something.

Dreaming of swimming in a pool

To dream of swimming in a pool means that you should finish what you have started. This dream also tells you that you need to find a way to solve your problems effectively.

You have the potential to fulfil all of your obligations. The dream of swimming in a pool can mean that you have finally set yourself some goals and decided to achieve them one by one.

You focus on one goal until you are in a situation where you wanted to be. Only when it is successfully done, then you can move on to others.

To dream of enjoying a beautiful and pleasant swimming in a pool is a sign that you should be careful, you are in danger that you did not foresee.

It will probably be the result of your surrendering to temptation.

It can also be the result of the betrayal of a person you have recently approached. However, whatever it is, it is possible to avoid this inconvenience if you take care of your behavior.

Stay away from dangerous things and events. If you meet someone who seems too good to be true, that’s probably the point.

The bottom line is that it would be good to be careful, at least for a while, because if you are not, the consequences can be much more serious than you might think.

To dream of swimming in a pool that has no water, symbolizes a futile effort to maintain a love affair, in which there is no more love.

There is no reason or conditions for further continuation of this relationship. Your desire and will are neither a good enough reason, nor are they enough in themselves to maintain this relationship.

It would be best to stop fooling yourself and let things end.

Dreaming of an empty pool

Dreaming of an empty pool symbolizes your dissatisfaction with life. On the other hand, it is possible that such a dream indicates life wisdom, experience, maturity.

Maybe you’ve been working on some big project lately. You brought that to an end, but it did not bring you any material gain.

However, you are aware that you have learned a lot of new things during your work, you have certainly gained a lot of experience and maybe some new skills.

The empty pool, therefore, symbolizes your broad mind, which is always ready to absorb new knowledge and acquire new abilities.

All that you have accomplished, gained and learned will help you to not again make the big mistakes you have made in the past. You are much more prepared to face challenging situations.

Dreaming of an empty pool can symbolize a possible financial mistake. Be very careful what decisions you make in the coming period if they have to do with money.

It is possible that things will not go as you imagined.

Dreaming of an empty pool can mean that you feel empty inside. Maybe you just had a bad period in your life. You feel melancholy, apathetic, nothing excites you.

You have no hope or desire for your future. This is a sign for you to get started. Try to take a step, at least a small one, towards the future.

Set some less ambitious goals for yourself and try to have a plan to achieve them that you will stick to. Stop living in the past.

You may be haunted by some mistakes or bad choices, but it’s all behind you now. There is no point in thinking about it, focus on what is yet to come.

You may be facing emotional problems at the moment, and it is difficult for you to go through it on your own. You need someone you can rely on.

Do not hesitate to seek help, you are certainly surrounded by many people who will be happy to lend you a hand.

Family and friends are always there for you, feel free to contact them, you no longer have to deal with these things on your own.

Dreaming of drowning in a pool

Dreaming of drowning in a pool can symbolically represent the overload you feel in your waking life. You are currently going through a difficult period, there are problems on all sides.

You feel helpless. However, try to look at the situation objectively. Maybe not everything is as black as it seems at first glance.

Probably the problems are not so insignificant, but there is no need to despair. It is possible to find a realistic solution.

If you dreamed of almost drowning in the pool, but still managed to save yourself, that is a sign that you should work a little on communication with other people.

You often turn out to be uncomfortable, so people don’t enjoy conversations with you. Have respect for other people, treat others the way you expect them to treat you.

Dreaming of a pool full of blood

Dreaming of a pool filled with blood symbolizes disagreements and conflicts that will arise in affect and have negative consequences.

You better refrain from engaging in heated discussions when you are in a bad mood.

Dreaming of a public (city) pool

If you were in a dream at a public pool, this dream is a reflection of your desire for love.

You would like to have a partner with whom you will share a deep sentimental relationship but you also want to enjoy and share your time with someone, without pressure.

This kind of dream can also indicate conflicts with other couples. You may feel excluded from some group events.

Dreaming of having a good time at a pool

To dream of having a great time at a pool means just the opposite – at the moment you are very bored in your life. An adventure, a new experience would come in handy.

Now is the time to test your limits. Take risks, grab the chances that are in front of you. Maybe you could find a new hobby, or meet new people, make new friends etc…

This will surely encourage you even more to step out of your comfort zone. This is exactly what usually hinders you in life and doesn’t let you move from one place to another.

Because of that fear of leaving everything familiar and comfortable, you cannot experience the real joys of life, that is why you are always so bored.

This dream can tell you that you might take a short break from work. Try to set aside more time for yourself and your loved ones. Go on a trip, do activities that make you happy.

Dreaming of diving in a pool

To dream of diving in a pool means that some change will soon enter your life. It is not possible to say whether it is something positive or negative, so the advice is for you to be careful.

Basically, this change will turn out to be positive if you put in some effort when it happens.

Learn how to adapt to this new phase of life, you could experience great success and improvement, both in personal and professional life.

If you have a negative attitude, if you are lazy and pessimistic, nothing good will happen. This change would only end bad for you. It will take you a long time to recover from this situation.

Dreaming of diving dressed in a pool

To dream of diving in a pool dressed means that you are afraid of your emotions. You do not dare to give in to them or to express them.

You are afraid that you will turn out to be vulnerable, and you do not want that at all. You are also afraid of conflict.

Dreaming of having a lot of fun at a pool

To dream of having a great fun at a pool can have two different meanings.

First of all, this dream can be a reflection of a harmonious life together with the people in your circle, and the balance you maintain between it and your love relationship.

Alternatively, a dream like this could symbolize one problem you have in all of this, and that is a lack of intimacy and privacy.

It may not suit you to have such an active social life. You think that it may negatively affect your relationship, you feel that you are moving away from your partner.

Your social life can be the reason for some disagreements, as well as mistrust and insincerity with your partner.

A pool full of people can also tell you something about your vision of your own relationship, and that is to look at yourself through the eyes of other people. You care about how other people perceive your relationship.

You pay more attention to the impression you will leave as a couple, than to the feelings that exist, or do not exist, between you.

Dreaming of an indoor pool

Dreaming of an indoor pool could indicate your introverted nature. You are simply a withdrawn person, but you feel the pressure of other people to change.

While this may not be a bad thing, you are still afraid that your emotions could be hurt in that way, so you would like to be sure that it won’t happen if you ever decide to change and become more open to others.

Dreaming of a huge pool

To dream of a very large or huge pool, announces business or academic success. It also indicates that you appreciate all that has been given to you and what is given to you in life.

On the other hand, you may feel lost or confused at the moment. You do not know in which direction you should move in life.

Dreaming of a dirty pool

If you saw a pool of dirty water in a dream, it indicates your concern for your own future. You have many worries and fears.

There is something that particularly bothers you, but you still don’t know how to approach that problem. This kind of dream is a sign that you could fall into a crisis.

Depending on how dirty the pool is, the situation can be alarming. The only thing you can do is stay calm, be strong and persistent so you can get through this.

Dreaming of a pool full of mud

To dream of swimming in a pool full of mud means that you are thinking about your romantic relationship. You may feel some weight or pressure, not everything is as fabulous as it used to be.

You doubt your partner’s sincerity, but also your feelings, perhaps. It is quite possible that this is about manipulation or acting.

Dreaming of a clean pool

Dreaming of a pool with clean water announces success in your career in the coming period. The projects will be successful, but also very profitable.

This dream also emphasizes the favorable period in which you are.

You enjoy life, you are happy and satisfied with what you have gained. You may have gone through some difficulties recently, but you have finally found your peace.

Now everything has stabilized and harmony reigns in your life. Dreaming of swimming in a pool with clean water is also a very favorable sign.

Dreaming of a pool on the roof of a house or building (rooftop pool)

To dream of a rooftop pool means that you very often think about your feelings towards your partner.

You are aware of how important this relationship is for both of you, so it may be time to reconsider your position and how to make it stronger.

You might think about becoming more serious with your partner- getting married or if you are already married, then taking a big vacation together.

Dreaming of an inflatable pool

Dreaming of an inflatable pool means that you have many doubts about the people and conditions in your life.

You may not attach too much importance to them because it still does not seem rational to take care of such insignificant things, but keep in mind that something still aroused suspicion, even a minimal one.

It is worth investing some time to better consider this. It certainly won’t hurt to be a little more careful.

Dreaming of a half-filled pool

Dreaming of a half-empty pool can indicate danger or insecurity in your life. This can also be about your love affair, you may feel vulnerable.

This kind of dream warns you to be careful, not to get into new things, into “new waters”, because you can’t be sure how deep they really are and whether you will be able to swim in them.

Dreaming of filling a pool

To dream of filling a pool with water or anything else, is a sign that a period filled with happiness and abundance is following you.

Now is the time to take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way, be resourceful.

You will finally be able to realize the desires you could only dream of until now. This dream tells you to think about the talents and abilities you possess.

You may have a chance to achieve great success in the coming period if you use some of your skills in a good way. You could try yourself as a freelancer, for example.

You will surely achieve positive results and surprise yourself as well. This would even bring significant financial gains.

Maybe you could put a little more effort into entrepreneurship so that you could build a nice and lucrative career out of this, and not just have it as your hobby or occasional source of income.

There is nothing better than that – to do what you truly enjoy and be your own boss.

Dreaming of a crystal clear pool

If you saw a pool with crystal clear water in a dream, so that you could clearly see its bottom, this is a very good sign. Indicates good physical and mental health.

You will also have a favorable financial period. You will know how to use your happiness and the opportunities that come your way.

You’ve been working on reducing unnecessary costs recently, so you don’t have a problem with that now.

This dream brings with it another positive news, and that is that you will have an unexpected financial gain.

This dream tells you that you possess the necessary virtues and skills to lead a fulfilled life.

This mostly brings about your positive attitude – you look at things optimistically, you always try to find a bright spot, to get some benefit from every situation.

Dreaming of a pool filled with something other than water

To dream of a pool filled with something other than water is a very bad sign. If you dreamed of swimming in such a pool, this dream is a reflection of your concern for your own future.

You are afraid of making a mistake that would leave negative consequences and hinder your further progress, personal or professional.

Maybe you have some secret that you hide well from everyone.

You may have done something wrong in the past, so these actions are haunting you now. You have to face your worries, problems and fears.

The past is the past, it’s all behind you. Look ahead, to what is to come.

To dream of learning to swim in a pool filled with waste, is a sign that you are expecting  too much from yourself in your life. Maybe you’re not realistic.

You allow yourself the luxury you know you can’t afford, so you start worrying about your future.

If this is about money, keep in mind that you may soon find yourself in trouble because of this behavior.

Try to reduce unnecessary costs and start saving. It is not too late to correct these bad habits. You may be able to pay off your debts and get back on track.

Dreaming of a pool in nature

Dreaming of trees and plants around the pool are a reflection of your clear mind, which is a safe place for refuge. This means that you should give yourself some time to rest.

You need to relax and recharge your batteries. You will achieve much more in life that way, instead of constantly overloading yourself.

Dreaming of a pool (for a young woman)

If you are a young woman who has dreamed of something about swimming, it announces the beginning of an exciting relationship. It’s someone you already know, maybe someone you’re already very close with.

You have many common themes and interests. There may have been some sparks, flirting, attraction during your socializing, but you never really defined your relationship.

The good news is that the situation will now be clearer for both. He is a handsome, well-mannered man who immediately caught your eye.

This relationship will bring you a lot of happiness. It can grow into something serious, if you put enough effort into it.

Dreaming of a pool with sharks

If you see sharks in a pool in a dream, they symbolize the enemies circling around you. You are especially vulnerable during this period, so do not lower your guard.

Beware of these people who are just waiting for a right moment to harm you. These are intelligent people who will surely choose the moment when you are most vulnerable, so be careful.

Dreaming of a pool with snakes

To dream of a pool full of snakes is certainly a bad sign. It announces problems and lack of love in relationships, whether it is romantic or friendly.

You are also in danger. You are afraid of betrayal, fraud, lies, manipulation, injury…

Dreaming of swimming with your ex in a pool

If you dreamed of being in a pool with your ex-partner, this symbolizes a new love interest in your life. Therefore, do not interpret this dream literally.

There is little chance that you will return to this person, probably someone new will walk into your life. That person will be perfect for you, everything you dreamed of.

You are about to have a very happy and fulfilled period.

If you have been facing difficult moments lately, the good news is that it is over. The person you meet will help you overcome all difficulties and look at things from a different angle.

Dreaming of a pool – other meanings and symbolism

Dreams about swimming pools are very important because they can point you to some hidden features that you should pay more attention to.

You may not even be aware of them, but your subconscious tells you that it is very important to peek inside yourself and discover them. Dreams like this mean that you are in harmony with yourself.

Your nature is calm, rarely anything can upset you. You know how to stay calm in every situation.

However, this kind of dream can indicate the stress you are under due to social expectations for you. You feel that you may not be able to express yourself adequately.

You suppress some emotions and want to release them, but for some reason, you can’t. You may have accumulated negative energy that you would like to get rid of.

Maybe you’re ready for a fresh start. You may simply have a lot of problems that require your attention. The most important thing is to find time for yourself and rest.

You need to be able to look at the situation with cool head in order to make good decisions and find solutions to everything that bothers you.

The meaning of these dreams depends on the state of the water with which the pool was filled, if it was full at all, and if it was filled with water, and not some other substance.

If the water in the pool was crystal clear, it is a reflection of your perfect physical and mental health.