What does it mean to dream of a knife?

Our ancestors have been using roughly carved stone knives since the ancient Stone Age as a tool for hunting.

While it exists to provide benefit, it can also be used to cause harm and endanger other people.

A knife in a dream can have multiple meanings, it can represent our unconscious need to hurt someone else or ourselves, depending on whether we used the knife or some other person used it.

By reading this article, you will understand what the symbolism of a dream with a knife is. Have you ever dreamed of holding a knife in your hands?

It has a special symbolism and indicates that you have to get rid of something in your life, be it a situation or a specific person.

If you often dream of knives, it means that you have to get rid of some life patterns that do not allow you to progress.

This dream is a sign that you have to take matters into your own hands and face the problem that is bothering you without fear.

In order to know exactly what you have to deal with, you need to remember as many details as possible that were present during the dream.

The very appearance of the knife, the way you used it and its location are just some of the essential characteristics that would make it easier for you to get to the essential meaning of your dream.

Dreaming of a rusty knife

This kind of dream has a negative connotation and signifies illness and poverty.

It indicates that you will get sick and have major health problems, so it is best to take care of your health and ignore the various worries that burden you that can cause a weakening of your emotional and mental state.

Dreaming of finding a knife

This is a dream with a positive meaning and it means that you will soon receive some good news.

The dream can also say that there are parts of our subconscious that represent abilities that we are not aware of and that we need to use to enrich the quality of our lives.

We need to pay attention to the details from the dream, whether the knife was hidden and then found or if it stayed in some hidden place.

Dreaming of holding a knife

If you have dreamed of holding a knife in your sleep, it can mean that you have problems that you do not know how to deal with.

On the one hand, you want to remove problems and troubles and move on, but as if something is stopping you.

A dream can also refer to a certain person in your life who is moving away from you and you do not know how to save that relationship.

It is obvious that this person means a lot to you because you subconsciously think about them.

You holding a knife as the main symbol of the dream tells you that you have to cut the link that binds you to that person and move on. What you are afraid of is actually yourself.

Your emotions manifest through dreams and send you signals of what to do when in doubt.

You may be angry at a certain person in your life but you don’t know how to tell them that and how they would react to your anger.

It’s time to accept that change is happening and start acting accordingly.

Maybe the source of your dissatisfaction is actually yourself? Try to understand others but also yourself. Only with honest answers will you come to a realization.

Dreaming of sharpening a knife

If you dreamed of sharpening a knife, it means that you are ready to face all your problems.

The outcome of the situation should not be important to you, but how you will overcome certain obstacles, the way in which you will reach a solution.

Dreaming of fighting with knives

To dream of fighting with knives means that you are at a turning point in your life, that you are in doubt to take the initiative in solving problems because the result can be counterproductive.

Based on the indications from the dream, the person must make an uncompromising decision that they want to realize.

The possibility of multiple choices can put a person in a position to take the wrong steps toward achieving a goal.

Dreaming of throwing a knife at something or someone

If you dream of throwing a knife at something or someone, it means that you are relentless in achieving your goals.

The symbolism of throwing a knife in a dream indicates that you can deceive someone and break the law in some way.

It is important to pay attention to when you are aiming in your sleep, because a huge regret can occur later. Examine yourself and find out what you carry inside you that could make you do such an act.

Dreaming of someone throwing knives at you

If in a dream someone throws knives at you, it is a person who can hurt you with words and make you feel bad.

Maybe it’s about a person who contributed to the creation of certain problems in your life with their bad behavior, a person who would be happy to see you fail.

What is important to know is that the words and deeds of such a person bypass you, that you successfully resist and that you are able to see the bigger picture as well as the reason for the attack.

Dreaming of being chased by a knife

If you dreamed that someone was chasing you with a knife, then such a dream is an indicator that you are afraid of being abandoned by your partner or you are afraid of the possibility of being let down.

It is possible that you are trying too hard in your life to satisfy certain people who do not deserve it.

Dreaming of being stabbed in the back

This dream means that you are too gullible and trust everyone. Not everyone’s intentions are good.

There is a person in your circle of closest people who would not like to see you prosper. Try to be careful in choosing friends.

Dreaming of a bloody knife

To dream of a bloody knife is always a conflict. It usually means you could be really hurt, so it’s a good warning sign.

A bloody knife in dreams can also mean that you will be hurt by someone you would never suspect.

This is a dream that symbolizes betrayal, disappointments and broken relationships. It would be best to stay away from quarrels that could even escalate into a physical confrontation.

Dreaming of cutting something with a knife

If you dreamed of cutting with a knife in a dream, it means a rift between you and a close person.

Such a dream indicates that you may be forced to share something with a larger number of people, so you need to prepare for a possible fight.

If you are cool-headed and think rationally, you will be able to cope with this challenge. Try to stay away and let everything go its own way to make things unfold.

Dreaming of stabbing someone with a knife

The dream of stabbing someone with a knife can mean an argument that tends to grow from a small thing to a big one. If you let things to settle on their own, you will be in trouble.

You need to act as soon as possible to prevent the negative things that are coming. Think about yourself and your actions.

Dreaming of being stabbed

If you dreamed that you were stabbed with a knife, it can mean that you are unjust in some situations and that it can cost you in the future.

You need to be brave enough to overcome obstacles and be honest with yourself and others to be able to progress in life.

This period is not suitable for big changes, so try to refrain from making additional plans.

Dreaming of a big knife

If you dreamed of a big knife, it is a sign that you will soon be faced with lies that come from yourself.

It is most likely a situation in which you want to spare someone close to you from certain things that are bad for that person, but that could have an bad outcome.

With a bigger knife in a dream come more complicated situations.

That is why it is important to be as careful as possible after such messages, because a person could find out that you lied to them, but not why, so it is still best to always use the truth to avoid such unpleasant situations.

Dreaming of admiring a knife

If you admired a knife in a dream, such a dream may indicate that you are focusing only on things that are not helpful to you. The affinity for getting into trouble can bring you a lot of trouble in life.

Admiration of the knife is a clear indicator of the narcissism and egoism of a certain person, which can create serious problems for them, which they can eliminate only with the professional help.

Dreaming of a lot of knives

If you dreamed of a bunch of knives, it could mean that you were hurt by someone’s words. You were disappointed in a person because you considered them to be something they were not.

You were shaken by their behavior because they embarrassed you in some way and made you feel less valuable. That person is someone close to you. Talk to them.

Try to understand why the person wanted to diminish you and hurt you. This way you will find the answer to how to deal with this type of situation.

Dreaming of a small or pocket knife

When you dream of a pocket knife, it means that you are an extremely fair and rational person who does not allow others to influence their attitudes and decisions, a person who will tell others without hesitation what they think, a person who will always stand up for themself.

The symbolism of this dream is there to help you remember your qualities, both good and bad.

Sometimes your energy can seem overwhelming and intimidating to other people, so they cannot adequately confront you for fear of being hurt.

In a dream like this, a pocket knife is a symbol of your character and this interpretation will help you see your hasty nature and the way you can control it.

Dreaming of fighting with a knife

This kind of dream has a negative symbolism that says that you will soon enter into a conflict with someone very close, with a person with whom you have daily communication.

Such things may seem harmless at first, but later they can escalate and cause real damage to you and the other person. Be careful and stay away from potential physical confrontations.

Dreaming of a broken knife

A broken knife means losses in financial terms, it says that you should take a break from investing or wasting your wealth and that you should start saving money.

If you are thinking about starting your own business, stop because now is not the time for something like that.

Dreaming of a blunt knife

The dream of a blunt knife means that you are not persistent in some of your plans.

If the blade of the knife is blunted, it is an indicator that you are failing to achieve what you want and that you are missing the opportunities you are getting in life.

A blunt knife can also indicate your helplessness in a relationship with another person with whom you have a business or emotional relationship.

Based on this, it can be concluded that caution is a necessary prerequisite for your success.

Dreaming of giving someone a knife

If you’ve dreamed of giving someone a knife, it could mean relying too much on other people and letting them decide on your life while they make a plan on how to upset you.

You have to be very careful not to get hit. Take matters into your own hands, work on your own plans in silence. Other people do not have to know your weaknesses and shortcomings.

Dreaming of killing someone with a knife

To dream of killing with a knife means to get rid of some of the negative emotions you carry within you.

If you dreamed that someone would kill you, it could be an announcement of various issues that will be caused by your enemies.

If you killed someone in your sleep it means you will do something you will regret.

If you killed someone close to you in a dream, it means that you will change your place of residence due to a scandal related to a certain conflict in which you will participate.

Dreams of this type are mostly a sign that you subconsciously want to change yourself and your ways of thinking.

If you dreamed of a child being killed with a knife, it means that you will do something bad, but that you will realize it very quickly and work on correcting it.

If you dreamed of a woman who was stabbed by a knife, such a dream signifies a male person who has fallen in love that will not be reciprocated.

If you dreamed that an unknown female person was killed, it means that this dream brings you back to some surviving trauma from the past.

If you have tried to commit suicide in a dream but without success, such a dream tells you that you need to change some of your habits and life decisions in order to progress.

Dreaming of someone pointing a knife at you

If you dreamed that someone pointed a knife at you, it means significant changes in business and emotional terms.

It can happen that in a short period of time things change that could affect your business and private life.

If someone kills you in a dream with a knife, it can mean that you are involved in some conflicts from which you would find it difficult to find a way out, so it is best to be careful with whom you enter into a discussion.

Dreaming of a knife – symbolism

Almost every time you dream of knives, you can expect something extremely symbolic to hide behind it. These are messages that need to be deciphered.

You are always the one who knows best what the true meaning of the knife is in your dream because you can remember how you felt while dreaming, whether the feelings were positive or negative.

If you can’t determine what it actually means, we are here to help you best interpret the messages through dream symbols.

A knife in a dream can have multiple meanings, it can represent our unconscious need to hurt someone else or ourselves, depending on whether we used the knife or someone else did.

In a dream, a knife does not have to have a bad omen, if we create something with a knife, e.g. preparing food, carving birdhouses, or engaging in some other creative work, it may indicate that we will gain something because our own effort and commitment.

Dreaming of a knife as a symbol of difficulty

For many people, the line of least resistance is a comfort zone that they resort to in their own escape from problems.

When we face a problem, similar to the movie The Matrix, we have two options: one is to choose a blue pill that is oblivion, indulgence in our weaknesses, and the other is a red one that makes us face reality.

The personification of that red pill is exactly the knife that suggests to us that the only right way is to persevere in our fight, to vigorously remove with its sharp cut all our fears, doubts and other personal shortcomings, which represent unnecessary ballast that we must get rid of.

Sometimes it is necessary not to delve too deeply into the examination of the problem of the solution before us, but to cut that temptation at the root with a knife.

Dreaming of a knife as a symbol of fear

Especially with women, on an emotional level, there is empathy towards different people, things, events, and the appearance of a knife is a rather disturbing sign, which can bring restlessness in a woman’s heart.

A knife blade stuck in the daytime sun can produce fear in the depths of our being.

It also reflects the cry of our subconscious, which hints at our inner fears, which various catalysts can bring to the surface of our consciousness.

That is why we need to be honest with ourselves, to see our fears, timidity, to clearly determine them and recognize them in order to successfully solve them.

A negative side effect can be an ambiguous solution, which can cloud our minds, lead us astray, and lead us to choose the wrong solution to a problem.

The only cure is the courage of the heart in overcoming the troubles that life has set before us.

Dreaming of a knife as a symbol of a turning point

The knife has a strong symbolism, so when we dream about it, it is very important to deal with the topic of the dream, because it can indicate important life changes.

The knife should be a turning point, where you will be done with previous life and start a new one.

In the dream it can show you the path that inspires you to surgically, precisely remove everything that burdens you, harms you in life, or prevents you from achieving the goals for which you have abilities.

Alcohol, drugs, gambling are vices that can lead you astray and therefore it is necessary to look at your own weaknesses, deal with them and successfully overcome them.

The knife is a symbol that can attract you to many bad things, but also allow you to get rid of those bad things.

A knife can be a symbol which will have a liberating effect on you from various energy vampires. The tool of your success is in your hands.


Such dreams should not be perceived as blocking the processes of our personality, but as useful information that our mind tries to present to us.

The worst thing we can do is to be afraid of the dream itself, it is necessary to study in detail the properties of the knife, its characteristics, application, and only then approach the analysis of the dream that can reveal its hidden meanings.