What does it mean to dream of an Iguana?

It is not very common to see an iguana in a dream. Why do we have dreams about them?

Iguana is a reptile that is known for its ability to regenerate limbs and tail. The iguana can regenerate a lost limb in just a few months, which is why it often seen as a symbol of rebirth and renewal in dreams.

Some cultures see iguanas as a symbol of fertility while some other cultures see all reptiles as a symbol of deceit and bad intentions.

Interpretation of dreams about iguanas depends on what exactly happened in the dream, but also on what is going around in your life right now.

Bellow is the list of most common dreams revolving around iguanas, and their most common interpretations:

Dreaming of seeing multiple iguanas

The dream of seeing a lot of iguanas indicates that you have what it takes to achieve the next level in your spiritual progress. You have a strong will and are able to ward off negative influences.

Dreaming of keeping an iguana pet

Dreaming of keeping an iguana as a pet indicates that you need to be more confident in yourself. You need to stand up for your beliefs, ideas and lifestyle choices. You may also feel like no one understands the way you think or what you want in life.

Dreaming of an iguana running away

To dream of an iguana running away from you is sign that you need to learn how to control your spending habits. It also indicates that there will be some troubles in your relationship soon due to financial issues.

Dreaming of playing with iguana

If you dream of playing with an iguana, it means you will come closer to success. It forecasts a time of joy and great personal happiness.

Dreaming of turning into an Iguana

Dreams of turning into an iguana indicate that you’re ready to spring into action. You enjoy being in charge and having many responsibilities. You’re determined to see things through and won’t be put off by any difficulties or challenges in your way.

Dreaming of talking to an iguana

Dream of talking to an iguana signifies that you are not being honest with yourself and others.

There are some secrets you are keeping from your close ones, or you are not looking at your life situation with a realistic view. You maybe think that you are doing much better than you actually are, and will lead you to fail in some part of your life (maybe relationship or at the work place).

Dreaming of killing an iguana

This dream is a sign that there is someone in your life who is capable of causing a big harm to you. This person is creating negative influence around you and might be trying to control and manipulate you.

You need to be very careful about this person as he or she can pose serious threat to your personal and professional life.

Dreaming of an iguana on a rock

Seeing an iguana on a rock in your dream foretells good luck and significant achievements.

If you see a large iguana, it predicts that you will encounter some exciting events that will bring joy and plenty of happiness into your life.

Dreaming of red iguana

The red iguana in your dream suggests that it is time to pick up on the subtle signs around you and take action. That can be something like starting to work out and live healthy life, or learning a new skill or language.

This dream is also a sign that you have the ability to see through any false intentions, so the bad people in your life won’t be able to deceive you so easily.

Dreaming of an iguana in your house

Seeing iguanas in your house or yard is a sign that you are not sure about which is the right path for you. The dream is telling you to be careful when making big decisions in your life.

It can also be a sign that you will soon be faced with a situation where you will be forced to make a decision which could hurt someone you care for.

Dreaming of eating iguana

Eating an iguana in your dream is a sign of good things to come, especially if you are already working hard and doing what you have to do in order to achieve your goals.

You may have been struggling for some time now, but the struggle will soon be over and you will get what you have been waiting for. Be patient, because everything will fall into place very soon.

Dreaming of iguanas fighting

You will achieve success if you put the effort in and stay focused, but be aware that there are jealous rivals out there waiting for their chance to steal something from you.

To dream of iguanas fighting is also a sign that there are people around you who you see as friends and trustworthy, but who don’t see you the same way.

Dreaming of iguana shedding its skin

In general, the dream of seeing an iguana shedding its skin is a good sign that positive changes are coming soon. An iguana sheds its skin because it has to grow and develop.

This means that the dreamer will be improving in some way or undergoing some kind of transformation. It could be a job promotion, increase in salary or a new relationship.

Dreaming of golden iguana

The symbol of a gold iguana represents anger, rage, and bitterness. The dream signifies a deeply rooted pain or suffering that has gone on for too long.

It may be a time to release some of your anger by talking things over with someone you trust as well as forgiving yourself for whatever mistakes you may have made.

Dreaming of blue iguana

Dreaming of a blue iguana is a sign that you think that you’ve reached your limit and you can’t do any better in life.

It also means that you set up your goals too low, and that you are no where near your full potential at the moment.

Dreaming of iguana biting you

Iguana in this dream represents problems you have in life that are bothering you a lot, but you are currently not doing anything to fix them.

This dream is a warning that you need to check what are the biggest issues you are facing right now, and that you should work on removing them from your life.

Dreams of iguanas mating

This dream denotes that you will soon take a new step in your romantic relationship. It may also mean the beginning of a love affair or the end of an old one.

Dreaming of iguana entering your home

Dreaming of iguana entering your home is a sign that you feel trapped in your life and that you feel that nothing is changing.

Your relationship may be in trouble, or you are feeling like everything is staying the same and nothing exciting ever happens.

The dream could be a sign that you need to look  a close look at your life and see where you can make the necessary improvements in order to be truly happy.

Dreaming of iguana laying eggs

This dream implies that your wishes will be fulfilled and everything will work as per your expectations. It also means that you are a very hard-working person, and that your hard work will finally pay off.

Dreaming about a big iguana

If large iguanas appear in your dream, it is a bad omen. These iguanas represent the negative people who are a great threat to your happiness.

You need to recognize who these people are who negatively affect you, and try your best to avoid them or remove them from your life completely.

Dreaming of a dead iguana

This dream is a warning against the people you keep close to you. Some people in your life are not who they present themselves at, and they have a negative influence on you.

You need to carefully consider who you let into your inner circle of friends, because those choices will have a huge impact on your life and future success.

Dreaming about iguana chasing you

If you dream about an iguana chasing you, it means that you have fear of something that is most likely going to happen, but you cannot stop it from occurring.

It also means that you are a very shy person who tends to avoid conflict at all costs and that you are not the person who will take action when it’s needed.

You are always waiting for other people to do something and you have hard time standing up for yourself which often leads you to have to do things which you don’t like.

Dreaming of iguana without a tail

To dream of a green iguana without a tail, foretells that you will be disappointed in your marriage or your friends. It is also a sign that your hard work won’t be rewarded.

Dreaming of iguana running away from you

If you dream of seeing an iguana running away from you, it means that your family will not be there for you in hard times.

This will lead to you feeling isolated and feeling like no one is supporting you.

Dreaming of white iguana

To dream of a white iguana is a positive omen. You may be considering making some big changes in your life, and this dream is telling you that whatever you do, you are going to make the right choice.

Dreaming of a dying iguana

You must take immediate action to neutralize the evil forces that have invaded your home. If you ignore this sign, things will get worse, and soon it will be too late to save yourself and your family.

Dreaming of iguana attacking you

If you dream of a dying iguana, it is a sign that you are on a bad path. This can be the path of self-destruction or just one that leads to unhappiness. In either case, it is time to change your course of action.

It could also be that you feel like you are going through some hard times in your life right now. You may feel that there are just too many things going on at once and you don’t know how to handle everything.

Dreaming of black iguana

Black Iguanas in your dreams could symbolize feelings about current or potential issues that might be affecting your love as well as professional life.

You may feel like you are going through a lot of changes all at once, or that you are being pushed to make certain decisions that could greatly affect your reputation.

Dreaming of yellow iguana

You may dream of a yellow iguana if you are dealing with people who do not truly understand you. You are a loner and you prefer to avoid being in company of other people. You often feel like an outcast in society.

To dream of a yellow iguana also means that there are people who want to take advantage of your kindness and generosity. They will use you for their own personal gain, so be careful when dealing with others because there may be someone close to you who plans on taking advantage of your good heart and your naivety.

Dreaming of an iguana sunbathing

This dream represents an internal quest for joy, and suggests that you are the only person responsible for your happiness so you should take action and start working on what fulfills you.

Dreaming of brown iguana

If you dream about seeing a brown iguana, it may be an indication that you need more excitement in your life.

You might want to consider taking up a new hobby or learning a new skill.

Dreaming of purple iguana

The purpose of this dream is to help you to become more aware about your true nature and how you can use it for greater good. It also means that there is a big change coming to your life.

The color purple represents royalty, spirituality and wisdom which means that this change, that is about to happen, will be very positive for you.

Dreaming of silver iguana

A silver iguana is a symbol of good luck and abundance. If you dream of a silver iguana, it means that you are likely to overcome problems in life.

Dreaming of catching an iguana

Dreaming of catching an iguana represents a challenge that you are facing, but do not want to face. Catching an iguana in your dream means that you will have to make some sacrifices in order to achieve your goals.

Dreaming of orange iguana

Orange iguana is a common dream symbol. It represents warmth, comfort, and security. Orange iguana can also symbolize your need to express your creativity.

Dreaming of gray iguana

If you dream about a gray iguana, it may be a warning to be careful who you trust or how much information you share with others. It also suggests that someone around you may be hiding something from you.

Dreaming of pink iguana

Pink iguana symbolizes the feelings of loneliness and isolation, so if you dream about it, it may be that you are experiencing these feelings.

If you see a pink iguana eating something, then this means that your health is at risk. You should pay attention to your diet or consult a doctor if necessary.

Dreaming of a green iguana

In dreams, the green iguana symbolizes strength, success and fertility. The color green also represents growth, freshness and good health.