What does it mean to dream of flying?

To dream of flying symbolizes the freedom you have gained and the achievements you have achieved, leaving some burdens behind you. It can also refer to your sexual abilities.

Such dreams are mostly a positive sign because they represent that something good that has happened in your life or that is yet to happen to you.

Dreams like this can often be lucid – so while you are dreaming them, you feel like you are in control of what will happen next.

This can symbolize control over the situations you are in in real life. This dream symbolizes the ability to make progress, to climb to much greater heights.

Dreaming of flying in the sky

Dreaming of flying in the sky may relate to your current job. If you had fun while flying, this is a sign that a positive change in your life is coming.

On the other hand, if you were uncomfortable or scared, it could mean that some bad situation will arise.

Dreaming of flying can mean that you want to make some progress, either personally or professionally.

This dream is a confirmation that many doors are open to you. You have many opportunities that you can take advantage of.

However, progress will not happen by itself, you have to work for it. You may be afraid to make a move or take a risk, but simply, it is something you have to do.

Also, it is important that you do not delay things like this, because you can easily lose a good chance.

Dreaming of flying and falling

Dreaming of flying and falling can mean that you will be able to overcome all the obstacles that come your way, therefore, the path to success will not be without difficulties, but thanks to your ability to solve problems, you will be able to overcome everything.

Besides, there is no reason to worry, because you will soon be a part of an amazing event.

Dreaming of trying to fly but failing

If you dreamed of trying to fly but not succeeding, it means that you will be unsuccessful if you try to make a wish come true.

The thing is, you may be unrealistic and some things are simply impossible or very difficult to achieve what you set out to do. In any case, you will not be successful.

Try not to give yourself false hope in the future, to be realistic and aware of your abilities. And some things just take time.

Dreaming of taking off

Dreaming of taking off is a reflection of your ability to improve your living conditions. You will soon have some positive change that will bring you many good things, much more than you expect.

Dreaming of being afraid of heights

If you have dreamed of flying at high altitudes and are afraid of it, it may mean that you are indecisive about some important things.

This kind of dream also means that you have some goals, however, no matter how hard you try, unfortunately you will not be able to achieve them.

This kind of dream has another negative meaning, and that is that some things in life simply do not work for you, whether it is about some social, professional or financial topics.

Dreaming of flying above the water

To dream of flying over water means that you are a born leader.

However, this dream may mean that you simply have the ability to influence many people, it does not necessarily mean that you are leading them in a certain direction.

If you do music, sports, writing, this kind of dream indicates that you can easily influence people with your work.

You may also be a leader in your field of expertise. Flying is symbolic of your dominance over people.

What you have to do when you are in a position like this is to do your best to be the best you can be, just keep doing what you are doing and trying to improve both yourself and your quality of work.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, though.

Dreaming of flying to escape danger

To dream of flying away from danger is a sign that you are currently facing many problems in real life.

Maybe you are trying to suppress something or you have not even registered that they are problems, but nothing can deceive your subconscious, and it is trying to show you that you are really in danger.

It is possible that you are still hampered by the past, some events or emotions. You will finally have to face them.

You cannot live in the past, you must leave behind all the negative experiences and feelings.

This kind of dream can also mean that you have avoided some danger. It can be a person who simply gives off negative energy and tries to pull you to the bottom.

However, you managed not to fall for their tricks. They may be jealous and pessimistic, they may actually be actively trying to discourage you.

They can even indulge in things like witchcraft. You need to learn how to recognize these negative people in your circle and, of course, stay away from them.

In fact, it’s much easier than you think to find out who they really are – their jealousy betrays them.

It may be hard for you to get them out of your life permanently, but you need to gather the courage and do what is best for you.

Dreaming of flying over the snow

If you dreamed of flying over a snow-covered area, it is a sign of something positive that will happen to you soon. This can apply to your love life, because you will start a successful relationship.

If you are already in a relationship, this dream is also a good sign because it confirms to you that you have no reason to worry about your partner.

Dreaming of flying with a boat or a ship

To dream of flying in a ship or a boat means that you should move faster in life. Maybe something is holding you back.

Maybe something you are currently doing is unprofitable, it will not get you where you want to go. You have to leave it.

Since a ship is a mean of transportation that moves on water, this kind of dream means that the speed at which you move in life is not enough for you, so you need to accelerate in some way, to be more efficient.

Think about what things you can improve in yourself or in your life.

Dreaming of flying over a mountain

To dream of flying over the mountains means that you have very serious problems that negatively affect your life. It’s hard for you to get rid of them but you just want run away from them.

It is the mountains in the dream that are the metaphor for all the obstacles and difficulties you face. To dream of flying over them means that you will succeed in overcoming them.

It is good to be surrounded by quality people, who can help you cope with the burden. Besides, you are not the only one who faces difficulties in life.

Everyone comes across something bad then. You are probably surrounded by people who have been through something similar, so they could give you some advice or inspire you to emulate them.

Also, keep in mind that you yourself are able to cope with the challenges, if there are any.

Dreaming of having a desire to fly

If you dreamed that you want to fly, a dream like this can reveal something about your personality – you are a very positive person who is very ambitious, has many wishes and expectations for your future.

You have faith that you will succeed in achieving everything you try, you are very optimistic about the future.

You are also able to find something good in every situation, to look at everything from a brighter side.

Dreaming of flying for a long time

Dreaming of flying for a long time can mean that you are worried about something that will happen in your life.

You are afraid to make a move or make a change because you are afraid that things may not go as you imagined when you finally decide on a step.

Dreaming of sitting on a chair or a couch and flying

To dream of flying while sitting on a chair or couch, means that you are soon entering a new phase of life. You won’t have to work hard at this stage, but you will still achieve amazing results.

It’s simply your time to progress in a relationship or career. However, while you won’t bother much when you finally enter this phase, you may need to put in the effort to actually enter it.

Dreaming of flying a plane as a pilot

To dream of flying or operating a plane as a pilot can mean that you will soon take an important step in your life. Whatever it is, it means that you are capable of achieving every goal you set for yourself.

Dreaming of flying a car

To dream of flying by a car announces the journey you will embark on. It could be a project at work or a new version of an assignment in your education.

You have a great desire for some new adventures, and you are also very impatient.

This dream means that you are not satisfied with the speed at which you are moving foward, it is not enough to get where you want, so you dream of driving a flying car.

This kind of dream tells you that you need to look at your life realistically. Impatience will certainly not hasten the events in your life.

If you try to speed them up yourself, there is a high probability that it will end badly for you.

You have to give it time to do its thing, some things are just worth the wait. Besides, some things you just can’t speed up.

Dreaming of flying low

To dream of flying close to the ground means that you are doing something bad in life and that puts you in danger that you may not even be aware of.

In that case, you are in an even worse position because when the time comes for it, you will not know what to do to get out.

Try to look objectively at everything that happens in your life, you may have some bad habits that are harmful to you.

You have to stop them. Also, you may be surrounded by some negative or envious people.

They may be kind to you and pretend to be your friends, but you need to recognize their true intentions and stay away from them.

Dreaming of flying over a city

To dream of flying over a city means that you will have a very successful career. Cities in a dream are a symbol of the wealth you will acquire.

You may have already made significant material gains by now. If you haven’t, just keep doing what you’re doing right now.

This dream cannot tell you with certainty when you will achieve the success that is destined for you, but it tells you that it is definitely waiting for you.

It is also important to surround yourself with people who inspire you and who are also ambitious. This will encourage you to do more yourself.

Dreaming of flying like a bird

If you dreamed of flying like a bird, it means that you have the ability to achieve great goals. However, you have to work for it, nothing will fall from the sky.

If you dream that you have to wave your wings like a bird to fly, this is an additional confirmation that you have to work harder in life to make some progress.

Take every opportunity that comes your way and do your best, be persistent and try to stand out in whatever you do. It is also important to socialize with positive people who support you.

Dreaming of levitating

To dream of levitating means that a much more favorable period in your life is coming, without stress. You feel liberated in every aspect of your life.

Keep up the activities you’ve been up to so far, but keep in mind that you don’t have to worry much, because you’re sure to get where you intend to go without any stress.

All that matters is that you don’t give up on everything and expect things to happen on their own.

Dreaming of flying and crashing into power lines

To dream of flying and crashing into power lines means that you are very impatient and always try to solve everything as quickly as possible. However, this is the only way to harm yourself.

Some things you just can’t rush – in the end things will turn out much worse. You have to learn to be patient, let time do its thing.

If you continue to do things this way you will lose much more than you would have achieved, whatever it is. Maybe it’s your relationship, job or education.

This kind of dream is a sign for you to slow down a bit and dedicate yourself to what is on your mind.

Dreaming of flying – other meanings

To dream of flying symbolizes a feeling of freedom, liberation from shackles, reaching new heights, freedom from limitations. You feel like you can do anything you can imagine.

This dream also means that you have many choices available. Nothing can stop you, whatever you decide.

This kind of dream is often a reflection of your creative thinking and expression in real life. Such dreams can occur even after a satisfactory sexual intercourse.

However, they can also have a negative meaning, and that is running away from responsibility. It can mean that certain problems currently limit and hinder you in life.

Circumstances are such that you cannot achieve what you set out to do. You may not be able to express yourself adequately, you may have limited freedom and creativity.

Such dreams can occur after strong spiritual experiences. Also, if you are into art, it is not strange to dream of something like this.

Young people also have such dreams more often, considering that they are full of strength and ambition for life. They are also very curious and eager to embark on new adventures.

To dream of flying and not being able to stop, symbolizes too much freedom or not knowing what to do duo to many options being available.

It may relate to your sex life. Maybe your partner demands more sex from you, and you aren’t interested in it as much as they are, so this dream is a sign that you should talk with them about it.

To dream that you are afraid of flying means that you think that you cannot control certain situations, precisely because your freedom is unlimited.

This kind of dream can also mean the fear of spending too much money. You may consider yourself an irresponsible consumer.

Dreaming of flying – symbolism

To dream of flying mainly means that you have the ambition to achieve something more, to prove yourself in your job, to be successful in your hobbies.

This dream is a reflection of your great, desires, ambitions and expectations from the future. It also reveals your optimistic nature.

You generally look at things positively and you are excited about what follows in life. Such dreams can be a consequence of your thinking that you are above people and that you are superior to them.

It can also symbolize your ability to manage situations in your life, you have complete control, you are free.

It can mean that you are able to look at things impartially, from every angle, so that you get a realistic picture of the whole situation and, based on it, decide which is the right move.

This dream reminds you that you can do anything you can imagine and solve any problem that comes your way.

Dreaming of flying as a symbol of personal ability and power

Dreaming of flying can symbolize your personal abilities. You can cope with anything, think cool-headed and be without stress.

You often manage to avoid a lot of trouble. When they are inevitable, you know how to face things bravely and be creative in solving them.

Also, you may have certain extraordinary abilities that you are not even aware of at the moment, but you may discover them soon.

This can be something that will make you stand out from other people. It is also something that will allow you to progress much more than you expect.

Dreaming of flying as a symbol of control over life

Dreaming of flying can symbolize your ability to establish control over your life. This is a very positive trait. First of all, you are able to realistically look at your life situation.

After that, you are able to face with a cold head everything that comes your way.

If there is a problem at work at the moment, it announces that you will successfully deal with it, and that you have the situation under control.

Also, you may have some hidden talent which you are not even aware of, which can be useful to you.

In any case, this dream tells you that you have nothing to worry about, because certainly, if problems arise, you will be able to overcome them.

You cope well in unpredictable situations and facing challenges. Although it can seem scary, when you overcome them, you will feel much better and satisfied with yourself.

Dreaming of flying as a symbol of superiority

Flying in your sleep can be a symbol of the sense of superiority you have. You think you are above other people, that you are better than them. However, this may not be true.

You may not treat other people adequately and often allow your emotions to prevail.

You must learn to treat everyone with respect, as you expect them to treat you. You don’t know what the situation will be like tomorrow and when you will need someone’s help.

Because of the way you treated someone yesterday, tomorrow that person may turn their back on you, and be the one you will need in a situation.

Besides, modesty is a virtue that everyone should possess.

All people are equal and that is something you have to understand in order to have a more fulfilled life. If you believe that you are better than everyone, it will only hinder you.

Dreaming of flying as a symbol of a broader perspective

Dreaming of flying can mean that you have the ability to see things from a broader perspective.

It is inevitable that in life you find yourself in a situation where you make wrong decisions or act wrongly towards someone.

However, you are not able to always look at things objectively, but such situations are rare for you.

This skill sets you apart from other people and is very good for you, because you can remain impartial in any situation.

Also, this kind of dream, if you are currently facing difficulties at work, can tell you that you will actually be a person useful for solving these problems.

This kind of dream means that you can always look at things from another angle.

Very often this means that you can always find something positive in every situation, even when everything seems completely black to other people.


Dreaming of flying is generally a very positive dream, as you could deduce from what you have read so far.

Of course, the meaning varies depending on the details, but you generally understand that it symbolizes your freedom and control over life, as well as the ability to cope in difficult situations.