What does it mean to dream of eyes?

The eyes are the windows to our souls. They can give people insight into who we are as individuals and what we’re feeling at any given time.

The eye is one of the most expressive features on our faces — it tells others whether we’re happy, sad or angry just by looking at them. In dreams, they also often represent how we feel inside.

Dreaming of eyes (General meaning)

Dreams about eyes can be interpreted in a number of ways. In general, dreaming of eyes means that you will receive important information or new insights into your life situation. The dream may also be telling you that someone is watching you or keeping an eye on what you do.

If you dream of eyes without pupils, it means that you have been betrayed by someone close to you who was supposed to have been looking after your best interests.

A dream of looking someone in the eyes means that you are ready to be honest with yourself. You are ready to take a good, hard look at your life and find out if you are truly happy.

If you feel as though your life is not going anywhere or that it is just a constant struggle, then this dream may be trying to tell you that it’s time to make some changes.

To dream of avoiding eye contact with someone, signifies that you are feeling inadequate in some way or that you are afraid to be judged by other people. You may feel that someone is judging your actions or appearance and you want to hide away from them or to avoid confrontation.

If you have trouble opening your eyes in a dream, it could suggest that you’re stressed out or fatigued. You may also feel like you don’t want to face reality right now. It’s possible that you’ve been avoiding confronting an issue because you’re afraid of what might happen next.

To dream that you have an eye infection, signifies that your plans will not go as smoothly as you had hoped. If the infection is in your left eye, then this dream means that you will be faced with unexpected problems as a result of someone else’s bad decisions.

If you dream of someone rolling their eyes at you, it means that you feel like people don’t appreciate you or your hard work. You might also feel like others are taking advantage of you in some way.

Dreaming of not being able to open your eyes

If you’re unable to open your eyes in your dream, then this could be a sign of anxiety or stress. If you’re unable to open your eyes because someone is holding them closed, it could be a sign that someone is trying to keep you from seeing something important.

This dream can also mean that you are feeling hopeless in your current situation. You may be feeling like nothing is going right, or that you have no control over the direction your life is heading.

Dreaming of your eyes falling out

Dreaming of your eyes falling out may suggest that you are being extremely critical of yourself. You might be feeling overly self-conscious, or you might be overly concerned about what others think of you.

This dream can also mean that you are being too critical when judging other people. It may also suggest that someone close to you has been hurt by your words or actions.

If another person’s eyes fall out or pop out, then it could be a sign that someone feels guilty about something they have done or said to you.

Dreaming of an eye injury

If you dream of having an eye injury it may indicate that you are feeling disoriented or confused about something. You may be feeling that someone else is taking your power away from you.

To dream of losing your eye due to an injury is a sign that you need to be more aware of the people around you and their actions.

If you dream that someone has only one eye, it means that you are not able to keep track of everything that’s going on in your life. You may be missing something important, or you may be misinterpreting what you are seeing.

Dreaming of seeing someone you know with a bruised eye could be an indication that this person is suffering from some kind of emotional turmoil or personal crisis.

If the person with the bruised eye is a stranger, then it could mean that there are things happening in your life that are out of your control, and that are causing you pain and anguish.

Dreaming of an eye surgery

If you have a dream about having an eye surgery, then it could be that you need to see more clearly in your life. You may find that your vision is clouded by fear and doubt, and so it is difficult to see beyond those obstacles. In order to get past this, you may need to look within yourself and find the courage to take the risks necessary for success.

If you dream of getting ready for an eye surgery, then this could represent some type of change that needs to happen in your life. There is something new coming into your life and this will require some adjustments on your part, but it will be worth it in the end.

When you dream of someone having an eye surgery, it means that you need to take care of your relations with other people. You need to watch out for the people around you because some of them may not have good intentions.

Dreaming of eyelashes

Eyes are the window to the soul, and eyelashes are the window frame. If you have long, full lashes in your dream, you may feel especially pleased with yourself and your life. You’re feeling good about how others see you socially and professionally.

If you have short or sparse lashes in your dream, however, this could indicate feelings of low self-esteem or self-doubt. You might feel as though there’s something missing from your life that should be there.

Dreams about your eyelashes falling out are usually a representation of inner struggles or insecurities, which you may not be aware of. The dream could also be related to some real life event that has made you feel insecure about yourself.

Dreaming of bloodshot eyes

In most cases, when you dream of bloodshot eyes, it means that you are stressed or anxious about something. The reason for this can be anything from work to family issues or even personal relationships.

Bloodshot eyes are also sometimes associated with feelings of guilt or anger toward someone else. If you find yourself dreaming about seeing someone else with bloodshot eyes, then it may be because they are causing you trouble in some way and making you angry at them for doing so.

Dreaming of losing your eyesight

According to some dream interpreters, losing your eyesight or being blind in a dream can symbolize the loss of your ability to see the truth. This is particularly true if you’re unable to see anything at all, or if you feel as though you’ve been blinded by someone or something.

To dream of losing your eyesight may also mean that you are feeling vulnerable because of some recent changes in your life or it could indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work or tasks that need doing.

To dream of wearing eyeglasses is a very good sign. It means that you will have success in your life, and you will be able to see clearly the truth about what is going on around you.

Dreaming of your eyes bleeding

To dream that your eyes are bleeding, denotes that you will be deceived by some person who is supposed to be your friend, or that you will suffer because of a bad advice you received from someone whom you trusted.

If you have seen someone bleeding from their eyes and you are worried about them, then this dream may be telling you that this person needs your help. If the person in your dream who is bleeding from their eyes is your partner, then this can mean that something in your relationship is going very wrong.

Dreaming of someone having eyes at back of their head

The first thing to remember is that dreams are not literal and the message they send is often metaphorical. So, in this case, you may be dreaming about someone with eyes at the back of their head because you feel like someone is watching you or judging you unfairly.

This can be anyone from a friend or loved one who doesn’t approve of your choices to an authority figure such as a teacher or boss who makes decisions without consulting you first.

A person with eyes at the back of their head could also represent a co-worker or employee who has ulterior motives (i.e., wants to take advantage of you).

Dreaming of sore eyes

If you dream of having sore eyes, it can mean that there is something in your life that needs your attention but you are ignoring it. Maybe there is something important which you have been putting off doing for too long.

To dream of having an eye infection can symbolize the need for change or growth in your life, especially if the infection is serious enough to require treatment. This dream can also represent feelings of vulnerability or insecurity within yourself.

Dreaming of having crossed eyes

A dream that you have crossed eyes can be a sign of some inner conflict. Perhaps you are struggling with your own identity. Or perhaps there is a situation in your life that is causing stress and confusion.

If you dream of someone having crossed eyes, it represents your lack of trust in others. You are unsure whether or not you can trust what they are saying to be truthful. Alternatively, this dream could also be telling you that someone is trying to deceive you by making up stories or lies.

Dreaming of someone having bulging eyes

Dreaming of someone with bulging eyes can mean that you are afraid that someone is watching you. It is also a sign that there is a lot of stress in your life and you need to take some time for yourself.

This dream could mean that you are angry at someone for something they have done to you or said about you. Maybe there are some people in your life who are not treating you with respect and dignity you deserve.

Dreaming of washing your eyes

Dreaming of washing your eyes is a sign that you are being too hard on yourself. You need to accept that you are not perfect and that mistakes are part of life.

This dream can also mean that you are feeling guilty of something that you did in the past and you would want to try fix the problems that arose because of it.

Dreaming of having something inside your eyes

Dreaming of having something inside your eyes means that you are feeling neglected, ignored and unloved. You feel like no one cares about what you are going through, or that no one really understands how you feel.

This dream can also be a sign that you are trying to see the world in a new way. Perhaps you are focusing on something that is out of reach or hard to understand which is causing confusion in your life.

Dreaming of a third eye

Dreaming of someone having a third eye suggests that you might be feeling emotionally confused and troubled. You may feel as though you are unable to understand what is happening in your life.

If you have a dream about having a third eye, then it means that you will have much success in life and will be able to achieve what you set out to do. You will also be able to overcome any difficulties or challenges that might come up along the way.

Dreaming of eyes of various colors

To dream of having differently colored eyes, signifies that you are undergoing a spiritual awakening. You may be awakening to a new level of consciousness or awareness.

To dream of red eyes, is indicative of anger and rage. This is often a sign that you need to let go of some pent up anger and frustration from the past. You may also be feeling overwhelmed by other people’s emotions.

A dream about blue eyes signifies that you are feeling insecure about something in your life, such as relationships or money matters. Blue is commonly associated with sadness or depression which can be caused by low self esteem and lack of confidence in yourself or others around you.

If you dream of gray eyes it signifies that there may be some confusion surrounding a situation in your life right now. The gray color suggests that you are not sure what to think or feel about something that has happened recently in your life.

Brown eyes represents new beginnings and optimism. In dreams, brown eyes signify an end to bad luck and an opportunity for fresh starts. It also means that new opportunities are coming your way.

If in your dream you see black eyes, it means that you will be faced with a lot of difficulties and obstacles in your life.

If you dream of green eyes, this indicates that you are going through a time of mental clarity and you are aware of exactly what it is you want in life. You have found yourself again and you have a strong sense of direction and purpose.

Yellow eyes are often associated with fear and anxiety. They also represent someone who is suffering from an illness or disease that isn’t physical, such as depression or addiction.

To dream of white eyes indicates that there is someone around who may not be trustworthy at all and they are hiding something from others around them.