What does it mean to dream of an ex-boyfriend?

If your ex-partner calls you in a dream, it is very likely that you are struggling with strong emotions. Still, what does it mean to dream of an ex-boyfriend? Lust can be quite logical.

Especially if the breakup was not caused by you, but by your ex-partner.

The natural flow of thinking is the one that reminds you of various moments when you were happy and reminds you of how much you miss that person.

Is it possible to dream of an ex-partner despite not seeing them for a very long time? That is quite expected.

The time you spent together was filled with memories that created a strong emotional connection.

All these facts affect what you dream about the previous relationship, despite how it ended. As you might guess, dreams of an ex-partner can be justified.

If such dreams are often repeated, you suppress emotions that you may still cultivate and that you cannot easily overcome, regardless of your desire to do so.

In addition to the strong emotions you felt at that moment, was your relationship full of disappointments and what if you were often degraded in it?

Then, there is a possibility that such dreams come to you because you are currently making some decisions that you may not be proud of or that you feel are not right.

You may not want to take a risk and experience another unhealthy relationship.

Does your ex-partner appear to you in a dream, despite a new relationship that is working for you? This can be a warning not to repeat the same thing and not to do yourself harm as in the previous relationship.

This tells your subconscious to try to change some things, otherwise, the relationship you are currently in may end as before.

If dreams of an ex-partner are frequent, you may need to renew your relationship.

Dreaming of seeing an ex-boyfriend

To dream that you have seen your ex-partner, and nothing else happens in the dream, has no special meaning.

You have probably met a person like him or you have been thinking about you and your beautiful moments together recently.

Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend with a new girlfriend

What if in your dream you see an ex-partner accompanied by another partner? Certainly, such dreams are not pleasant at all, but there are two explanations for them.

The first is that you have accepted the fact that your ex-partner found a new love.

It is possible that you noticed it on social networks a couple of days before you dreamed something like that, or someone told you about it.

The second is the assumption that you are probably jealous and confused about the situation you are in.

If you are constantly thinking about your ex-partner or you have the impression that you do not know how to function without him, then such dreams can be very common.

Dreaming of kissing with an ex-boyfriend

To dream of kissing your ex-boyfriend does not mean that you want it in reality.

This means that you may no longer feel the sparks in your current relationship and that you should work on your communication with your current partner and spice up your relationship a bit.

Dreaming of ex-boyfriend crying

If you see your ex-partner crying in a dream, it is assumed that you will feel remorse for some events and decisions from the past.

It does not have to refer only to your relationship with that person, but also to your entire past. Certainly, such dreams have no positive meaning.

It is possible that you will hurt someone who is not in your close circle of friends.

If that happens, that person will feel very humiliated, and you will not be able to find a way or justification for the words that were uttered at that moment.

In that case, you need to try to get the best out of the new situation.

Try to explain to that person in some way that you had no intention of hurting anyone and that it was all part of a big misunderstanding.

Dreaming of missing your ex-boyfriend

If you miss your ex-partner in a dream, there is one completely logical explanation for that, and that is that you really miss him!

Maybe you miss him as a person, your entire relationship, or just certain moments.

Dreaming of reconciling with your ex-boyfriend

If you dream that you have reconciled with your ex-boyfriend, it is not a prediction that something like that will happen in reality.

It may be a display of your strong emotions that have been lasting or some segment of that relationship that you would like to see repeated.

For example, during your relationship you were confident and did not doubt yourself.

In that case, it’s time to work so that your opinion of yourself is not influenced by other people, or your relationship with them.

Among other things, such dreams can represent that the decisions you have made are not great, and that you have made them based on the opinions of other people, despite your beliefs.

This is not just about breaking up your relationship, but about accepting the situations that have happened.

Everything happens for a reason and that is why it is unnecessary to constantly think about it.

Dreaming of crying for your ex-boyfriend

Dreaming of crying for your ex-partner indicates that you still have feelings for that person. You may well hide your emotions from other people, but you can’t fool your mind.

It is known that emotions are much stronger during the night, so it is possible that they overwhelm you during sleep.

You need to talk to your ex-partner and in that way try to find inner peace. It does not have to be a conversation about reconciliation, but a quarrel that will relieve your thoughts.

Think about your relationship and the bad things that ended it, then you will realize that that person may not be as ideal as you think they are.

If you have entered into a new relationship, and you do not feel happy and fulfilled in it, you need to think about what you want.

It is not right to waste someone else’s time, especially if you know that person is not someone you would like to be with in the future.

Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend killing your current boyfriend

This dream indicates your view of the previous and present relationship as well as your comparison of the same.

You are probably not completely fulfilled in the current relationship and you are expecting something that you had in the previous one.

You may think that you got along better with your ex-partner, in which case find what you are missing and try to work on it.

Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend being arrested or being in jail

If you dream that your ex-partner is in prison or has been arrested, you most likely think that he deserved to be punished for his treatment of you.

Also, it could mean that you manage to control your thoughts and not allow your ex-partner to control them. Go on with your life and don’t look back!

Dreaming of fighting or arguing with your ex-boyfriend

This kind of dream can be a warning of the current relationship.

Maybe you quarrel with your new partner too often or suffer some kind of violence (mental or physical) and it is best to think about the situation you are in.

Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend with kids

If you see an ex-partner accompanying a child in a dream, you most likely lack a sense of intimacy, even if you did not plan to start a family with that person.

Certainly, that should encourage you to think about your future and the attitudes you had about it, maybe you should change something.

Such dreams are most often dreamed by women who want to realize themselves in the role of a mother, but are not sure about the choice of the current partner and what kind of father he will be in the future.

However, such dreams can also represent a great desire to start a family, achieve some unspoken goals and think about all the obligations that these things bring.

Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend hurting you

To dream that your ex-partner has hurt you means that it is unnecessary to think about him, you need to focus on yourself and your life.

Also, if you are currently in a relationship, work on bringing in a little passion, tolerance and dynamism that you need.

Dreaming of being in a relationship with a violent ex-boyfriend again

Dreaming of something like this can be very disturbing if you have survived some kind of violence in the past by the partner you dreamed of.

However, such dreams suggest that you may be carrying a burden that you cannot get rid of. You should get rid of negative thoughts as soon as possible.

In that way, you will prevent the appearance of such dreams, because emotions such as fear, resentment, anger, etc. can very easily be manifested in dreams.

Dreaming of killing your ex-boyfriend

Although it seems scary, no worries, it does not mean that you have such intentions in real life. This dream can have two very different meanings.

The first is that you have managed to get over the previous relationship and continue to live your life.

The second is that maybe that is not the case and that you are still carrying the burden from that relationship. Think about it and try to find a solution.

Dreaming of sick ex-boyfriend

This kind of dream can indicate as much good as bad. The bad thing is that you may find out something about a previous relationship that will make you angry or hurt.

If you dream that your ex is ill and needs care, it is possible that you will find out the real truth about why your relationship ended.

It may indicate that your ex-partner had another relationship at the same time. that he cheated on you, but of course that doesn’t have to be the case.

To dream that your ex-partner has been admitted to the hospital, means that you still have unfinished obligations and that you have not completed what you were supposed to.

The good side of this dream is that if your ex is discharged from the hospital, then it means that you have completely ended the relationship and continued on.

Dreaming of current and ex-boyfriend

Dreaming of a former and current partner at the same time can mean that you sometimes unconsciously compare these two loves.

Despite the fact that you are good in your current relationship, you may not have completely overcome your former love and you often think about what it would be like if you were still together.

It is certainly not desirable to think in that direction, because the ex-partner is still the ex with a reason and you would certainly not like to repeat the same mistake twice.

In this case, it is better to be attracted by the difference between the current partner and the former one.

Dreaming of ex-boyfriend giving you advice

If in a dream your ex-boyfriend gives you advice regarding the current relationship, it means that you are about to repeat the same mistakes as in the previous relationship, so your subconscious warns you not to do that.

Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend from childhood

Dreams like this warn you that you are extremely lacking in freedom.

If you are currently in a relationship, it is possible that you feel limited and like you are standing still, also, you probably feel like something is preventing, hindering or controlling you in many things.

Also, it may be an incentive to renew a childhood relationship, to contact people you haven’t seen in years. Things that happen later may be unexpected, but they will help you turn over a new page!

Dreaming of ex-boyfriend massaging you

If your ex-boyfriend massages you in a dream, it is very likely that you were cold and insensitive in the eyes of your ex-partner in the previous relationship, which led to the end of the relationship.

It is possible that you have devised your personal defense mechanism because you do not trust people. You need to change that.

Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend in your apartment or house

Dreaming dreams like this means that you have failed to continue after the relationship. It means that you continued to cultivate emotions towards that person and that you allow thoughts of him to control you and your mood.

It’s time to commit to yourself and stop thinking about your past relationship.

Dreaming of being in your ex-boyfriend’s apartment or house

If you are not sure what led to the termination of your relationship and what your ex-partner thinks about it, you will most likely have dreams of this kind because they indicate that you want to understand his way of thinking and what led to the breakup.

Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend with his family

To see your ex-partner and his family in a dream means that your breakup is still fresh and that you are thinking about your ex and your memories.

If you felt good in your sleep and if there was positive energy, it is possible to think about your reconciliation and reviving your relationship.

If you still felt bad in your dream and if there was negative energy, then you probably doubt that it is possible to renew the connection with him.

You need time to think about reconciliation so that you do not make hasty decisions and repeat the same mistakes.

Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend, your husband and you

If you see your husband and ex-partner in a dream at the same time, it is possible that you often think that you would like to lead a completely different life.

You compare your life with someone else’s and you do it in a very cruel way.

You need to appreciate what you have and be grateful even for the little things, not to fantasize about what your life would look like if you made different decisions, would you be wealthier now because of those decisions etc…

Don’t let jealousy rule your life.

Dreaming of ex-boyfriend sleeping with another person

Seeing an ex-boyfriend sleeping with another girl indicates that you may currently have doubts about your current partner and his fidelity.

Also, you may be afraid of losing your current partner due to your excessive jealousy.

If you are not in a relationship, you may have to admit some mistake you made in the past to a person close to you, but certainly all this depends on other details in your dream.

Dreaming of ex-boyfriend proposing you

If in a dream your ex-partner begs you or gives you a ring, it means that you felt complete during your relationship.

A dream of this kind does not necessarily mean that you want to renew your relationship with him, but that you want to be with someone with whom you will feel equally good.

Also, a dream can represent the end of one life chapter and the beginning of a new one. You can move on with your life.

Dreaming of ex-boyfriend dying

Such dreams, despite the fact that they seem scary, actually represent good things. They show you that you have successfully overcome the breakup and that you are ready to move on.

Death is, as we know, the end of life, but in dreams it represents the end of that chapter of life and the beginning of something new.

If your ex-partner dies in your dream it just represents your willingness to move forward and no longer want to look back.

Of course, this kind of dream is only symbolic, so you don’t have to be afraid that something like that will happen in reality, but it means that a certain chapter has come to an end.

As we said, the end of a certain chapter opens with something new, so this kind of dream may indicate that a new person will soon appear in your life or you will simply feel relieved.

Dreaming that an ex-boyfriend wants to kill you

If in a dream your ex-boyfriend tries to kill you it is a warning that he is your current partner or someone with whom you plan to be very selfish and likes to manipulate.

This kind of relationship does not have a happy future, so maybe you should listen to your subconscious warning and end it.

Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend next to your bed

If you used to have a great physical relationship with your boyfriend, and now that is no longer the case, it is possible that you have some hidden desires and that your intimate life is a bit boring.

With time, such dreams became more frequent and it is necessary to work on improving and raising your intimate life to a higher level.

Especially if you think that your relationship is really worth sacrificing and fighting, you need to talk about these things with your partner and find a common solution that will complement and improve your relationship in the future.

Dreaming of getting a plush toy from an ex-boyfriend

If in a dream your ex-partner gives you a plush toy, it means that you are focused on the beautiful and relaxing parts of your relationship, but that you do not want to be reconciled with him.

Also, this kind of dream may indicate that you had a childish or immature moments during the relationship.

Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend – other meanings

If in a dream you want to return to your ex-partner – you probably want that in real life as well. Of course, this can also indicate that you are currently lonely and want to be in a relationship.

To dream that your ex-partner has kidnapped you indicates that your ex may still have feelings for you.

If in a dream your ex-partner and you are caring for a sick child, something still keeps you attached to him. It is possible that it is some unfinished business, or that you simply saw him as a great father figure.

Seeing your ex-boyfriend move into your house means that despite the breakup the two of you can have a harmonious relationship and that you can very easily remain friends.

Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend – symbolism

When we break up with someone, we very often do ourselves a huge favor that we will only realize in the future. That is why it is very difficult for us in the beginning, although we often deny it.

While in real life we ​​can control our feelings, in a dream this is not the case and that is why we often dream of former loves.

So it happens that we dream of the death of our ex-partner, although that certainly does not mean that we really want it. It just represents the “death” of that relationship and in this way we get over it.

Many of the things we dream of have something symbolic in them. Whether they are people, places or things, they symbolize parts of your life or events that are important to us.

When we dream of an ex-partner, it is very important to think about what such a dream tells us. How do we wake up and what memories do we have when we think about sleep?

In this way, you can see a clearer picture of a dream and understand its true meaning.

Mistakes from past relationships

Dreaming of a person with whom we once shared everything and whom we loved, can often indicate all the mistakes we made during that relationship.

We can consider this as a reward for our own mind because in this way we can change various perceptions and attitudes for the better.

You have unmet needs

Every new relationship seems great to us, but sometimes we miss some of the things we are used to in a previous relationship.

Maybe the new partner is trying, but you’re still thinking about the ex who did some things better. For example, you may have gotten along better with him in bed and you miss that now.

You didn’t get over your ex-partner

In life, we are ready to idealize many people so that we do not experience loneliness. It is necessary to work on yourself and accept loneliness as a reward after a bad relationship.

You have to think about what led to the collapse of your relationship and what didn’t work for him, and in your case, you also have to think about what you really want.

You are going through trauma

During sleep, our mind tries to decipher our traumas, no matter if it is a previous relationship, childhood or something else that we experienced, it works to understand them.

If you were once cheated on by your ex-partner, you may dream that your current partner is cheating on you.

In any case, whatever you experience will probably follow you in your dreams for a long time.


Every moment of separation from a loved one affects us, no matter if it was a relationship full of love and happiness or a relationship full of arguing and quarrels.

It is much easier to interpret such dreams if we look at who wanted to separate and how it came about. Did you quarrel during the separation or was everything arranged in a nice way?

Think about these things and you will understand why you dream about it. Maybe out of a desire for reconciliation, and maybe because you just haven’t seen him in a long time.