What does it mean to dream of a dragon?

If a dragon appears in your dream, it can have a different meaning depending on the culture and nation to which you belong.

Dragons are mythological creatures that are present in a large number of cultures and in different cultures they have different meanings. Therefore, it is up to you to decide how you will interpret this dream.

In Asian countries, dragons have positive symbolism and they symbolize wisdom, wealth and long life. They are believed to bring good luck.

On the other hand, the European tradition perceives dragons negatively and mostly presents them as evil and dangerous creatures that people must defeat.

Dreams about dragons are not very common because they are mythological creatures about which we can only read, it is not possible to see them as other animals.

Because this dream is very unique, you will hardly be able to forget it. You will surely be intrigued by what it might mean.

The dragon may have something to do with your emotional state. It may be a metaphor for some problem or fear you are facing. It can also refer to some of your negative thoughts or emotions.

This kind of dream is a sign that you should start working more on yourself.

The dream of a dragon can be an inspiration for you. After that kind of dream, you can feel optimistic and full of self-confidence and energy, ready to face anything that may come your way.

In many cultures, dragons symbolize wealth, so it is possible that they announce some kind of financial gain.

Dreaming of a dragon with many heads

If you saw a dragon with a lot of heads in a dream, this dream warns you that you can become egotistical in the coming period, especially if you find yourself in a situation where a topic is raised that you are very passionate about and understand well.

It can lead to you saying something that you may not have intended; you getting carried away during your presentation or you accidentally insulting a person.

It can happen that you cause an argument or create a negative image of yourself in society. Also, people might think that you are very arrogant and that you should come down to earth.

You should try not to behave in such a repulsive way if you find yourself in similar situations, but if you want to express your opinion, do so with respect, without any condescension towards other people.

Also, it is important to know your limits as much as it is important to know your skills.

Be aware that you also have flaws and that you may not be well versed in a topic or good at an activity as much as you think you are.

To dream that you have been attacked by a dragon

If you dreamed that a dragon was trying to attack you, it could symbolize the problems or challenges you face in life.

You have to find a way to deal with them, because otherwise they can leave serious consequences on your life.

However, it is very difficult for you to find an adequate way to deal with these things. You may not even have the courage to face them directly, but you are trying to suppress, forget and ignore them.

You have to understand that you cannot escape from these things. The sooner you understand that and start solving these issues, the better it will be for you.

There is no point in postponing something that is simply inevitable, especially if avoidance can have serious consequences.

These problems from which you run away are metaphorically depicted in a dream in the form of a dragon. It can eat you. Therefore, take your future seriously.

To dream that a dragon spits fire

If you saw a dragon spitting fire in a dream, this symbolizes your negative emotions that you may be suppressing, or you may not even be aware of.

It is possible that you are just trying to disguise them and hide them from other people. However they have a big impact on you and your mental health.

Because of this negativity that has accumulated in you, you are dissatisfied with yourself and your life.

You probably have some reasons to feel this way. It is possible that an event or a person caused you to be disappointed or angry.

However, you are still not ready to face that problem. It might be  a friend who has let you down, and you are afraid to talk to him about it because it would create even bigger problems in your relationship.

Also, you may not want to admit to yourself or to that person how they hurt you and how that seriously affected you.

It is also possible that you only generally feel bad, and that you yourself are not sure what exactly is at stake.

However, you are hiding all this from other people and you do not want them to suspect anything. This dream is the way you express these negative emotions and the way you get rid of everything you have suppressed.

This kind of dream can also have positive symbolism. If you have experienced a loss, it is possible that you are currently going through one of the phases of recovery from it.

That phase is anger, and releasing anger in a dream means that you are well on your way to overcoming this event.

To dream of an upset dragon

If you saw a dragon in a dream that seemed upset, it means that there may be a person in your environment who is having a bad effect on you.

Its negativity and toxicity impair your mental health. It is difficult to say exactly which person it is. It could be your boss or another figure with authority, who is abusing his power and putting pressure on you.

On the other hand, it may be a friend or family member who is trying to take advantage of you and force you to act in a way that benefits them.

Dream of seeing a dragon

If a dragon appeared to you in a dream, that is a very good sign. The dragon is a symbol of happiness and wealth in many cultures, so know that good things await you in the coming period.

You may win a prize, or you may be receiving an inheritance from a family member.

To dream of a flying dragon

If you have seen a flying dragon in a dream, this is a very good sign. This dream will give you the wind in your back to break free and open up to new opportunities and experiences.

Don’t let fear get in your way. The goals are clearer to you now and you know what you need to do to achieve them. Have faith in yourself and just move forward.

Dreaming of riding a dragon

If you dreamed of riding a dragon, it is a very good sign for you because it symbolizes that you have established control over your life.

Recent period was full of challenges for you, however, you managed to overcome all the problems and obstacles, as well as your own fears, negative thoughts and emotions.

This dream will probably be an inspiration for you. It will inspire you to believe in yourself and continue to work hard to achieve your goals.

Be persistent and do not give up, even if you encounter some difficulties along the way.

It is possible that you will come across a situation that will seem impossible to solve, but have self-confidence, you may positively surprise even yourself.

To dream that you have defeated a dragon

To dream of fighting a dragon and winning actually means that you are feeling bad about something you did. You made a mistake in the past that probably went unpunished.

The time has come for life to charge you for this and to face the consequences of your actions.

You may have thought that the situation was not so serious and that you managed to get out of it easily, but you will be convinced that you were wrong and that the situation is more serious than you thought.

To dream that a dragon is asleep

If you observed a dragon sleeping in a dream, it is a very important dream, because in this case the dragon actually represents you.

You are a very self-confident person, you are very capable and independent, you know how to take care of yourself, it is not necessary to rely on other people.

You have clearly defined goals and realistic expectations of yourself, you work hard to achieve everything you have imagined. You are currently very happy with yourself and your life.

Also, other people can see what kind of person you are and what you have managed to achieve and feel respect for you.

If the dragon slept on a pile of gold in a dream, it does not have to symbolize financial gain in the coming period, but this is just a sign that you are satisfied with your current life situation and what you have.

However, if you feel upset in your dream, then the meaning of this dream changes. In that case, the dragon represents one of your enemies or some question that is bothering you.

Think carefully about what you could do about it. Another meaning of this dream is that it can tell you to be careful in the coming period, because you may happen to do something that will “wake up the sleeping dragon”.

It can happen that without thinking, accidentally or out of curiosity, you put yourself in an awkward situation or create a problem that you could otherwise have easily avoided.

Therefore, try to be rational and calculated in the coming period, do not take unnecessary risks.

Dreaming of a three-headed dragon

To see a three-headed dragon in a dream is a sign that you are facing a difficult decision. You do not know how to deal with the problem you are facing.

Maybe intuition tells you one thing and your brain another, so you’re confused, you don’t know what to do. Both sides have their differences, but you need to make a final decision.

If you continue to avoid this dilemma, it can grow into something more serious and lead to you being in an unfavourable situation.

Dreaming of a flying dragon (toy)

Dreaming of a flying dragon is a very good sign when it comes to your finances. What follows is some financial gains, as well as progress in life.

You will also have help from the side, do not hesitate to accept it. The chances of success are great in this period.

Dreaming of many flying dragons

If you saw many flying dragons in the sky in a dream, that is a very good sign. This dream means that you are surrounded by good people and that there is harmony in your family.

You are always there for each other. Your dedication and care for loved ones will be rewarded. You will share this happiness together for a long time.

To dream of making a flying dragon

To dream of making a flying dragon means that you will be able to solve some difficult problem that is currently bothering you. Maybe the situation just seems too difficult to you right now, but it will get better.

When you dedicate yourself to it, you will realize that it is not so hard. Also, it would be good to seek the help of people you have worked with before. That way, your chances of success will be higher.

To dream of releasing a paper dragon

If you dreamed of running and releasing a paper dragon, that is a very good sign for you, because you will be able to progress and rise above the people from your past.

You put a lot of work and effort into the goals you set for yourself, because you would like to lead a peaceful and comfortable life. You may have some trouble achieving this, as some people around you will try to stand in the way of your ambitions.

To dream that others are releasing a dragon

If you have watched other people as they release a dragon, it means that you are jealous of the success of others.

Maybe there is a person in your life who is very successful and does not refrain from bragging about it. You would like to achieve in life what they did.

To dream of a dragon that falls

To dream of seeing a dragon fall or get stuck in a tree means that you are facing problems at work. So far, there have been successes in your career, but, unfortunately, luck will turn it’s back to you.

Dreaming of catching a dragon

To dream of catching a dragon symbolizes a new beginning in life. This will be a very good opportunity for you, especially if you have recently experienced a failure on a previous project.

This dream tells you not to dwell on it much, because new, interesting opportunities follow.

Dreaming of a picture or drawing of a dragon

To dream of a picture or drawing of a dragon means that a positive period in your life is following you.

If you have recently struggled with some problems or financial issues, you no longer have reason to worry, because you will finally be able to solve it. Also, there are many tempting opportunities for a fresh start.

Dreaming of a flying dragon with birds

If you dreamed of a dragon flying in the sky surrounded by birds, this is a sign that people around you are trying to distract you or sabotage you. Take your eyes off them, focus on yourself and your life.

To dream of a flying dragon made of paper

To dream of a dragon made of paper means that you should change the perspective from which you look at certain things.

Soon, when you look at the situation from a different angle, you will understand some things more clearly.

Dreaming of a flying dragon in various colors

Dreaming of a red or pink flying dragon is a very good sign for your love life, because it announces a new relationship or a happy marriage, if you are already married.

If a white flying dragon appeared to you in a dream, it means that you will soon hear news that have been covered up for a long time.

If you saw a black flying dragon in a dream, such a dream announces the loss of something that has been at your fingertips so far. You will have to give it up and start looking for other opportunities.

Dreaming of a blue flying dragon means that you will be emotionally open and ready for new experiences and challenges ahead of you.

If you saw a yellow flying dragon in a dream, it is a sign that you will be able to explore your potential.