What does it mean to dream of cheating (infidelity)?

If you want to have a quality relationship with someone, trust is necessary on both sides. It is not unusual to doubt your partner’s love for you or your love for him.

Such doubts can often result in dreams of infidelity.

Dreaming that you are committing adultery or witnessing your partner’s adultery often happens due to a lack of love in a relationship, trust or respect.

Such dreams can be a reflection of your own fears about your relationship. Such dreams can also be a reflection of repressed desires.

Infidelity is always something negative. After that, it is almost impossible to fix the relationship. Therefore, the interpretations of such dreams are almost the same in almost every culture.

This kind of dream is actually a very common occurrence, whether you dream that you are the one cheating or you find your partner cheating.

Think about it, do you have any reason to doubt him, is he really cheating on you? Maybe you have a subconscious desire to cheat.

Dreaming of cheating can also be a reflection of conscience, fear, betrayal or a low level of self-confidence. Whatever you dreamed of on this topic, you can read a detailed interpretation below.

Dreaming of partner cheating on you

If you dreamed that you were cheated on, it is a reflection of insecurity. You tend to think too much about your flaws and imperfections, so you think other people see you that way.

You may be insecure about your body and even your personality. You think you are not good enough for other people.

You think that the person you are in a relationship with could easily find someone better, and that they should actually find someone who deserves their love, attention and time.

Dreams like this remind you that you should get rid of this way of thinking. You need to have faith in yourself, as well as work on your self-confidence.

The most important thing is to be happy with yourself. Your self-confidence would reflect a lot on your attitude, so that it would make you more attractive in the eyes of other people.

This kind of dream generally does not mean that your partner is doing something bad, maybe you just feel that way. You may be afraid that they will leave you.

Probably the only reason for such thinking is your insecurity. It is very rare that you have actually picked up some signs of infidelity in your partner’s behavior.

Dreaming of someone cheating on a partner

If in a dream you caught a person you know cheating in real life, it symbolizes the selfish people you are surrounded by.

For them, personal benefit always comes first, it does not occur to them to think about the feelings of the people around them.

They are ready to do anything, if it will bring them any benefit. They will not hesitate to betray your trust, in case that happens.

To dream of someone cheating with you is a warning to beware of people like this. It is possible that you will be their victim in the future, if you are not careful.

You must first find out who this is about. Pay attention to your surroundings, how people behave when you find yourself in trouble.

Here lies your answer to the question of who is a true friend, and who is just pretending because it benefits them.

Dreaming of cheating on your partner

To dream that you are the person in a relationship that is cheating indicates the suppression of some part of your personality.

You would like to be able to express yourself freely in front of other people.

You want to accept every part of yourself without fear of being judged. It is possible that you feel guilty for some reason, maybe just because you are hiding something from your partner.

That feeling of guilt is so big that it is equated with the feeling of remorse due to cheating.

You equate these two things because you feel like you betrayed your partner by hiding the truth from them. This feeling of remorse is manifested as an act of infidelity in a dream.

Dreaming of cheating on a partner with an ex

To dream of cheating on your ex-spouse or partner means regret or remorse. It also symbolizes dissatisfaction with the current life, you are missing something.

You think you haven’t made the most of your younger years. You would like to go back to that period because you think you could have spent that time much better.

This kind of dream can also mean that you still feel something towards the person you dreamed of. You might want to come to terms with it.

Dreaming of cheating with your ex-partner can also mean that you are not satisfied with your sex life. You need new experiences, something exciting.

Therefore, this dream tells you that you should break up with your partner.

If there is something you are not compatible about and there is no way to solve this, this is best for both of you. There is no point in staying in a relationship if it doesn’t suit you.

Dreaming of cheating on a partner with a colleague or boss

To dream of cheating on your partner with a colleague means that you are too committed to your job, to the point where you have begun to neglect your private and family life.

You may have missed some important events due to work.

This kind of dream is a sign that you rather prefer to deal with obligations at work, than to face problems with family or in a relationship. That, however, is not good.

Dreaming that you don’t mind your partner cheating on you

To dream that you do not mind that your partner is cheating on you, or that you even approve of the affair, is a sign that you feel insecure.

You think you are not the right choice for your partner, emotionally or sexually.

You hold yourself responsible for their affair and think your partner has done nothing that deserves condemnation. You are ready to do whatever it takes, just so that connection is not broken.

Dreaming of forgiving your partner for cheating

To dream that you have been cheated on, but have managed to forgive it, symbolizes peace and optimism.

On the other hand, a dream like this can mean that you are not ready to make important decisions. You may not be able to distinguish right from wrong.

Dreaming of been caught cheating

Dreaming of being caught cheating symbolizes a sense of guilt over something in real life. Maybe you did something wrong, or lied at work or in a relationship.

This dream also means that some secret from the past could be revealed. You have kept it until now because you feel that the truth would humiliate you and destroy your reputation.

This dream reminds you that you should try to repair the consequences of an action you did in the past, so that you would not feel bad about it and that you would not feel the shame you dream about in real life..

Dreaming of cheating on a partner with multiple people

Dreaming of cheating on a partner with more than one person at the same time can symbolize a feeling of guilt, or insecurity.

Alternatively, this dream may be a reflection of your desire to experiment with your sex life. You want to try new things.

This, of course, does not mean that the dream must be interpreted literally, as if you are interested in orgies.

However, it is possible that you are bored with the situation in your bed. You would like to make your love life more interesting.

Dreaming of cheating on a partner with more than one person can also mean that you feel that life is dragging you in all directions.

You have so many obligations that you don’t know what to do first, you never get to do everything you need to do.

Dreaming of cheating on a partner with a married man or a married woman

To dream that you are having an affair with a married man or a married woman is a sign that you are feeling frustrated by the failure of your previous relationships.

You have never been able to choose a partner well.

You think about whether other people are making smarter choices. According to you, married people are a better choice for a partner, precisely because someone has already chosen them.

Dreaming of suspecting your partner is cheating on you

To dream that your partner is showing signs of an affair, such as hiding secrets, may mean worrying that he or she will not actually do so in waking life.

It is quite possible that the partner is hiding something.

You probably feel worried that this is really happening, so your subconscious mind manifests that fear through dreams like this. It is possible that the future will bring some negative changes.

It doesn’t have to be an affair. Maybe your partner has expressed an interest in some activities or hobbies, so you worry about how this will continue in the future.

Dreaming of your partner cheating on you and leaving you

If you dreamed that your partner cheated on you and left you, it must have upset you. However, this dream does not have to be interpreted in a negative way.

This breakup can actually symbolize the breakup of some habit or behavior, some phase in your relationship.

Your partner has been more committed to you lately, so this may cause some changes, ie make you think that something has changed about him.

Cheating in a dream may mean that there is some misunderstanding between the two of you, but that is not necessarily a cause for concern.

Good communication in a relationship is key, so try to work on it. It is probably something that can be solved by talking.

Dreaming of cheating on a partner with a person you know

Dreaming of cheating on a partner with someone you know can mean that you are spending too much time on this person in real life and that this is starting to affect your relationship.

Maybe it’s because of this person that you’re neglecting your partner.

Another thing that a dream like this can indicate is the attraction you feel towards that person, however, this does not necessarily mean that you would actually do something about it.

Dreaming of cheating on a partner with a celebrity (famous person)

To dream of cheating with a celebrity is a sign that you are hiding something from others. Maybe some of desires that you don’t want anyone to know about.

Also, you may have some hobbies or activities that you enjoy, but you would not do it in front of other people.

Dreaming of cheating on your partner with a friend

Dreaming of cheating your partner with a friend does not have to have any sexual connotation. Maybe you just spend too much time with that person, or people, or you put too much trust in them.

You have always behaved much differently in relationships and many of those failed.

It is you who are to blame for their downfall, because you have never put in enough effort. It is also possible that you are involved in an emotional affair in waking life.

Dreaming of cheating on a partner with a prostitute

To dream of cheating on a loved one with a sex worker is a sign that you may be tempted to use drugs.

This kind of dream can also mean that you will be caught, or you will find your partner in a very bad situation, maybe even something illegal.

Dreaming of boyfriend cheating on you

If you dreamed that your boyfriend was cheating on you, that must have made you reconsider his loyalty.

However, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because this kind of dream can rarely be literally interpreted.

It generally does not mean that your partner has an affair, nor that he will have one. Also, keep in mind the interesting fact that such dreams are among the most common.

In fact, this dream applies to you – your feelings and thoughts. You may have noticed some subtle change in your partner’s behavior, so it made you wonder if he was doing something behind your back.

It is true that you cannot immediately turn off this option, but, again, this dream will very rarely have a literal interpretation. It is mostly a reflection of your feeling of insecurity, low self-confidence.

It can also indicate your fear that your partner will leave you soon.

Dreaming about cheating on your partner may indicate changes that you have noticed in them, which indicate that they are unhappy in the relationship.

At the same time, it does not necessarily mean that they seek solace from another person. There is still a chance to fix the relationship.

Your subconscious mind warns you to address these issues in a timely manner, don’t wait until it’s too late.

Try to solve problems as soon as they appear, don’t wait for them to escalate into something serious. You can achieve everything by talking.

Dreaming of cheating in a relationship or marriage – other meanings

Cheating in your dreams does not necessarily mean that you are capable of it in real life. It is possible, however, that you develop sympathy for some people outside of your relationship, so you have dreams like this.

However, that does not mean that you would really get into an affair, you know better than this. Dreaming that your partner is cheating actually happens more often than you think.

The reason for such dreams may be your feeling of inadequacy.

You are insecure about something about yourself, you think that your partner deserves much better, so you are afraid that he will see it and leave you.

It is possible that something similar has happened to you in the past, so you are afraid that it will happen again.

Maybe your ex-partner really cheated on you, so you’re afraid that your current partner will do the same.

Another possible behavior is to project your inappropriate behavior onto your partner. You have done something wrong, so your conscience is not clean.

Maybe you just had a chance at an affair, which you either took advantage of or didn’t.

Whatever it is, it can be a good explanation for this dream. You are afraid that your partner will get the same opportunity, so you are not sure how they would act in that situation.

Dreaming of cheating (infidelity) – symbolism

In some cases, such dreams can remind you of the cheating  you committed in previous relationships. They remind you to not repeat that behavior.

It can also be a reflection of the guilt you still feel because of your actions. Dreams of cheating can occur in people with a low self-esteem, if they think they do not deserve their partner.

Maybe subconsciously they want this relationship to end, so that they would no longer suffer these unpleasant feelings.
In some cases, dreams of an affair may indeed represent your desire to embark on it.

Maybe things got too boring, maybe you were just thinking about it. However, you are probably aware of how wrong this is.

Focus on your own relationship, pay attention to your partner, suggest something new.

To dream of cheating as a symbol of fear

To dream of cheating may symbolize the fear of abandonment. You are afraid to be left alone, especially without this person.

You may have had negative experiences in the love field in the past, so now you feel especially vulnerable. You are afraid that this relationship will end tragically.

A breakup is always tragic for you, because you get used to the person you are with, so it is difficult for you to lose this feeling of security, warmth, belonging.

Dreaming of cheating as a symbol of stagnation in life

The fear of loss that is the cause of these dreams may not only have to do with your romantic life, it can relate to everyday problems.

You may feel that you are losing touch with reality. You can’t adjust anymore or make any progress. You are also losing your moral compass.

Your lust has taken over, all that matters to you is to achieve what you intended. You don’t choose means as long as the goal is clear. Infidelity can also represent stagnation in life.

It seems to you that there is no way you can move from one point, and you have so much to do.

There is no way you can finish a job or get the promotion you dream of. Anxiety and frustration due to this manifest as dreams of cheating.

To dream of cheating as a symbol of a lack of self-esteem

Dreaming of cheating on your partner can symbolize your feeling of inferiority, insecurity, low self-confidence.

You have that negative opinion of yourself, so you don’t consider yourself worthy of the love and attention that people around you give you.

You think they are too good for you, that you are not able to give them back what they give you. Low self-esteem is a very big problem in romantic relationships.

You feel like your partner deserves better than you, so you always worry that they will find something better, behind your back.

This kind of thinking does not have to be limited to a love affair, it can refer to a relationship with any close person in your life.

Dreaming of cheating as a symbol of guilt

Dreams of cheating are a reflection of your feelings of guilt and regret. Maybe you’ve done something in the past, or more recently, that makes you feel bad now.

You are aware that you should not have done so.

The consequences of this decision have had a negative impact on your life, as well as the life of the person you have harmed. You wish you could fix what you did, to redeem yourself in some way.

Maybe it’s still possible, so this dream reminds you to deal with it until it’s too late. Gather the courage to do what is necessary, to finally act as you should.

Not only would that person feel better, but you would also relieve yourself of the burden that these feelings represent.

To dream of cheating as a symbol of repressed desires

You have some desires and goals that you do not dare to talk about. You may have never done anything to implement them, because you are afraid of the condemnation of the people around you.

Because of the fear of other people’s opinions, you cannot express yourself adequately, nor can you engage in activities that you truly enjoy.

Therefore, you think that it is best to simply suppress some part of yourself or at least hide it from others, so that you would not be hurt and so that your reputation would not suffer.

Unfortunately, accepting social restrictions means that you will not be able to accept your true self.

Dreaming of cheating as a symbol of stress

Dreaming of cheating can symbolize problems in several aspects of your life at once. You’re under too much stress because trouble just pops up out of nowhere.

As for your relationship in particular, this dream can be a reflection of your feelings towards your partner. You actually think your relationship has come to an end.

You have a feeling that you have stagnated, there is no more love between the two of you.

The deception symbolizes your desire to break this, get rid of this connection and embark on new adventures.

The whole situation started to have a negative effect on you. On the other hand, you may try to do something to fix it.

It all depends on what happened in the dream after the cheating, did you try to justify it and move on with your partner, or did you decide it was the end?


Dreaming of cheating can be a reflection of the anxiety you feel in your relationship. You may be facing some big problems with your partner.

It is also possible that this is not about your relationship at all, but about everyday life problems.