What does it mean to dream of a cat?

Cats in dreams are mostly a symbol of independence, femininity, sexuality and creativity.

Of course, such dreams can also have a negative interpretation. I can announce misfortune and failure in the coming period.

Whether these animals will be able to be interpreted positively or negatively in your dreams depends on whether you like cats in real life or not.

These animals can also indicate danger in real life. because they can symbolize some fake friends in your circle, who may betray you soon.

To dream of an aggressive cat means that you have problems with your feminine side.

If you saw a cat without a tail in a dream, such a dream means a loss of independence, control and autonomy over your own life.

If you dreamed that your cat was lost and you could not find it, such a dream emphasizes your independent spirit.

You are a person who is free, you live life in your own way and you do not allow people to control you or stand in your way. You are not interested in other people’s opinions.

If you dreamed that a cat was biting you, it is possible that you are selfish and reckless. You tend to just take it, without giving anything back.

Another meaning of sleeping with cats is that you are a very emotional person who openly expresses frustration when things are not going according to plan.

If you dreamed of saving a cat’s life, it means that you are working to be independent.
To dream that a cat is scratching you can mean that you feel threatened.

A black cat in a dream is a reflection of your fear of relying on your intuition and abilities. Also, it is often associated with evil or bad luck, although such an interpretation is mostly wrong.

If you dreamed that a black cat bit you or attacked you, it means that your intuition is trying to tell you something and that you should listen to it. Don’t be afraid to face the situation. On the contrary, the white cat is a bad symbol and heralds difficult times.

If you saw in a dream that a cat killed a spider, it is a sign that you accept your femininity, but do not express it openly. You are very cunning and seductive.

Seeing a dead cat in a dream means that you lack independence in some aspect of life. Another meaning of this dream is that you refuse to accept your feminine side.

If you dreamed of watching cats play, it is a sign that you should break free and show your playful side.

Dreaming of a cat with green fur symbolizes jealousy. It prevents you from establishing quality relationships with the opposite sex. This is why you often distance yourself from that person.

To dream of a cat without a body or legs means that a person or a situation is limiting you. If you think you have the freedom to do whatever you want, you are mistaken.

If you saw two identical cats in a dream, it means that you need to harmonize your needs with the needs of other people.

You pay too much attention to other people’s feelings, while you don’t take adequate care of yourself and your needs. You have to be your own priority.

To dream of a thousand cats running around the house means that you are not sure which direction you should go in life, because too many things happen at once. You don’t know what to focus on and what matters.

To dream of a cat with two heads is a symbol of indecision. Also, this dream can mean that it is very easy to distract you from something and that it happens to you often.

If you dreamed of having cat ears, that is a good sign because it indicates that you are capable of coping in a problematic situation.

Also, you are very optimistic and always look for the positive side when something bad happens. You are very cunning and resourceful.

To dream of seeing a cat with light blue eyes means that you should look at something from a different perspective. You may be afraid of the truth and refuse to see it.

Dreaming of an injured cat

Dreaming of an injured cat is a sign that something very interesting will happen to you soon, which will leave a big impact on you. This event can also change you in some way, which will reflect on your character.

Another thing that this dream can announce is the return of a family member or someone you love. This could happen when you least expect it.

Dreaming of a cat attacking you

If you dreamed that a cat attacked you, it could mean that you are trying to deal with some part of yourself.

The cat in dreams often represents femininity. Therefore, this kind of dream can mean that, in a way, you are afraid of your femininity.

However, such fears have no meaning or basis. Maybe the reason for this feeling is the insecurity you have. You may be afraid of not meeting someone’s expectations.

However, in life you should be guided by your own will and be what you are, what you feel. Don’t pay attention to people your life doesn’t concern.

Dreaming of a healthy cat

To dream of a healthy cat means that you are free to rely on your intuition in life. Listen to what it tells you and be guided by it.

Of course, let logic be helpful for you in making decisions, just keep in mind that your inner feeling rarely deceives you.

Dreaming of an aggressive cat

Dreaming of an aggressive cat can mean that you cannot accept reality. Also, it is difficult for you to be objective.

Dreaming of a dead cat

Dreaming of a dead cat can mean that you are not in touch with your intuition and femininity. You may not want to recognize or express this part of yourself.

Another thing a dead cat can symbolize is a lack of control over one’s own life.

Since you do not rely on your intuition, you tend to pay more attention to what other people are telling you that you should do.

Maybe that’s why you’ve become addicted to some people and that makes you very nervous.

A cat without a body means that you lack independence in life. You may be deceiving yourself that this is not true, that you actually have the freedom to do what you want, but know that this is not the real truth.

Dreaming of a sick cat

Dreaming of a sick cat means that your intuition and your mind are not balanced. You may not be sure who you really are and you are looking for your true self.

This is a very difficult situation for you, because it is not easy for you to make important life decisions.

You may rely more on what other people tell you is good for you, rather than on your own feeling, that is, your own intuition that may be telling you something else.

A sick cat in a dream means that you should be more guided by your intuition in life. You have to learn how to listen to it.

Dreaming of looking for a cat

To dream of looking for a cat indicates your independence. You don’t want to depend on other people, to interfere in your life or to hinder you. You simply have a desire for freedom.

Dreaming that cat is talking

If you have a talking cat in your dream, such a dream can have more meanings. On the one hand, it may indicate that you are aware of your sexuality and femininity and that you know how to express them.

This kind of dream can indicate some of your lust or a huge desire for something, which you have finally become aware of and managed to accept.

Another meaning of this dream is that you are a very intuitive person and that you have learned to be guided by it in life.

Dreaming of a cat biting you

To dream that you have been bitten by a cat can mean that you are hurting someone close to you.

Also, this kind of dream can be a warning to be especially careful in the coming period, because maybe someone might try to harm you.

Dreaming that a cat has been abused

An abused cat in a dream can be a sign that you are addicted to someone. It can also mean that you yourself have been a victim of abuse or neglect, or that you are suffering from it now. You need love and attention.

Dreaming of a house full of cats

If in a dream you find a house filled with kittens, this is a sign that you may be living in a world of your own, a bubble that protects you from the outside.

You live in a fantasy that you have created yourself, you feed yourself with lies and you refuse to face reality.

Dreaming of feeding a cat

If you have dreamed of feeding a cat, it means that you are a very good person and that it will definitely be useful in your life. All the good things you do and have done will pay off.

Dreaming of petting a cat

If you are dreaming of a cat that was friendly and that you could pet it, it can reveal your sympathy for someone close to you.

This infatuation gives you strength and energy, even though you may not have noticed it yet. Maybe it’s someone you live with.

At first, you didn’t pay too much attention to those feelings, but now they have grown into something more serious.

Maybe it’s the partner you’re currently in a relationship with and the love for him is only growing day by day, you want to stay with him/her.

Cats can also be a symbol of fear, so this kind of dream can have a different interpretation. It can announce a conflict in a relationship or financial problems.

Dreaming of a cat without a tail

The tail is very important for the cat because it allows them a sense of balance, performing big jumps. It is also a symbol of their beauty.

If you dreamed of a cat without a tail, it is a sign that you feel like you are missing something, something very important, and you are trying to find out what it is exactly, in order to bring it back into your life and to make it feel complete.

Dreaming that you have beaten or killed a cat

Dreaming of beating or killing a cat is a very good sign actually, as it heralds the end of the difficult period you have been in so far.

If you dreamed that you killed a cat, it is a sign that you are looking for the happiness you lost.

You never gave up on looking for her, even though circumstances may have forced you to do so. If you haven’t had much luck in life, it’s time to change everything for the better for you.

Dreaming of a cat meowing

To dream of a cat meowing can be considered a warning that you may be misperceiving a situation. You see a problem where there is none, while you ignore the real danger.

This dream tells you to pay attention to your social circle and find out who your real friends are.

You may not have understood something that other people have commented on, or deliberately left out some information or hidden it from you.

In that case, this dream is a message that you should not pay attention to what they are saying. If they want to harm you, let them do what they want.

Dreaming a lot of cats

If you have seen a large number of cats in a dream, it could mean that you may be exaggerating some of your fears. There may be no basis for them.

This kind of dream tells you to pay more attention to other people around you. Be conscientious in your actions, avoid negative thoughts.

Dreams like this can indicate that you are very slow and lazy. It’s time to get started and start doing something productive in your spare time. Use it the right way.

The second interpretation is just the opposite. You may be overwhelmed. You should reduce the number of activities you do because you are under a lot of stress.

Also, the source of stress can be the problems you have with the people around you, which are caused by your rudeness or aggression.

Such dreams are a sign that you should leave your comfort zone and determine which activities suit you in life.

Dreaming of cat claws

If you saw cat’s claws in a dream, it could mean that you have a desire to hurt someone, or to show your aggression. They can also be a sign that you are holding on to something.

Dreaming of two identical cats

If you have seen identical cats in a dream, it may mean that you are trying to bring some balance into your life. You try to think not only about your needs, but also about the needs of other people.

However, you want to find a way to balance the two – to take care of yourself without worrying about what others will say, but at the same time be conscientious and help others.

Dreaming of little kittens

Cats in dreams are often a symbol of independence and resourcefulness. On the other hand, little kittens are often a reflection of helplessness or fears that may be hiding in your subconscious.

Dreaming of newborn kittens or their loud meowing can be a sign that you feel vulnerable and cannot get help.

Think carefully about what your problem really is, because it is possible that the biggest problem you have is that you do not know how to seek help.

You always try to be strong and independent, so you are not used to asking other people for advice.

Also, dreaming of a kitten litter can mean that you are overwhelmed and that you need a little fun, relaxation and enjoyment in life.

Another thing that kittens in a dream can represent is the beginning of a new project or the beginning of a new chapter in life.

It is very important that you nurture yourself and take care of yourself as much as you take care of others, if not more.

Dreaming that a cat is giving birth

If you watched a cat give birth in a dream, this dream indicates your feelings towards babies. Seeing kittens in a dream, as you may have already read, is a symbol of vulnerability.

Dreaming of a black cat

Black cats are mostly associated with negative symbolism and herald bad luck. Therefore, if a black cat appears in your sleep, it can scare you a lot.

If you yourself have a negative association for cats, this kind of dream could mean that you are afraid of your intuition and femininity. You refuse to listen and obey them.

On the other hand, if you like black cats, then this doesn’t have to have a bad meaning at all. If a black cat has bitten or scratched you, it is a sign that you should start listening to your intuition.

Dreaming of a white cat

Dreaming of a white cat can have a different meaning depending on the relationship you have with cats in general.

A white cat in a dream can announce a difficult period in life. You will face many problems. In some cases, a white cat can mean that you are currently in love and enjoying your relationship.

Your life is peaceful and stable. If you love white cats, then this dream is a very good sign for you, because it announces a beautiful event.

Dreaming of a green cat

The green cat in a dream symbolizes jealousy. Because of this problem, it is difficult for you to form stable relationships with people.

This dream can mean that you even avoid them. Stay away from people and certain situations.

Dreaming of a gray cat

Dreaming of a gray cat means that you should pay attention to whether your subconscious is trying to tell you something or point to something.

Assess the details of the dream you had, because it is possible that your subconscious is trying to let you know something very important. Follow the guidelines you notice.

Dreaming of a wild cat

To dream of a wild cat, symbolizes loneliness or a feeling of loneliness. Also, this kind of dream may be a reflection of your sexuality or it may have something to do with your survival instinct.

Dreaming of a cat (interpretation for women)

Cats in dreams are a symbol of femininity. If a woman has these dreams, they represent the way the woman sees herself.

This includes her physical appearance, sex appeal, relationships with men, intuition … If you saw healthy cats in a dream, it is a sign that you have a high level of self-confidence.

You are very happy with yourself and your life. You would not swap it with anyone. You feel powerful and trust your intuition.

You feel free to rely on it to make important decisions. On the other hand, such dreams for women can have a different meaning.

Dreams involving cats can mean that a woman may be hiding something or lying about something. Dreaming of sick or unhealthy cats of course has the opposite meaning.

This woman does not have enough self-confidence and is not aware of her worth. Also, it is possible that he is not in touch with his intuition and that because of that he may make wrong decisions and choose the wrong path in life.

Cats in a dream are also a symbol of power for a woman. A woman who is powerful believes in herself and thanks to that she is able to achieve everything that comes to her mind.

A woman like this can intimidate some people these days. However, that is not a reason to refrain from being what you are. Believe in yourself.

Dreaming of a cat (interpretation for men)

Cats in men’s dreams are a symbol of their anime – the female side of their psyche. Cats can represent the way a man thinks women look at him.

Also, these dreams can reveal a man’s attitude towards the opposite sex, which they may not even be aware of.

If you have dreamed that a cat is climbing on you, it means that you think that women find you attractive. You feel confident and comfortable when communicating with them.

Dreaming of a wild cat is a symbol of your sexual drive. If you have seen hostile cats in a dream, you may not be able to establish a good relationship with women.

You feel rejected or ignored by them. Also, your connections are not very successful.

You think that women are difficult to please and you have prejudices about them – that they are arrogant, unfaithful, they cannot be trusted.

If you think this way, it is high time to reconsider your beliefs. It is possible that the problem is actually in you.

Dreaming of a box for cats

Dreaming of a box for cats can refer to your feeling of shame and some thoughts that you are ashamed of. You may be ashamed of some aspect of your life. It can also be a subconscious thought or feeling.

Another thing that this dream can symbolize is the feeling of being under a lot of pressure. You think you are suffering too much and that you can’t take it for much longer.

What does it mean to dream of a cat in different cultures?

In this text, you have so far been able to read various interpretations of dreams in which cats appear.

Another thing you should pay attention to when researching the meaning of dreams with this theme  is the culture you belong to. Different cultures experience these animals differently.

The ancient Egyptians had the cat goddess Bastet. therefore, cats have very positive symbolism for them. They are a symbol of happiness and celebration.

Puritans, for example, consider cats to be demonic messengers.

Islam also has a positive view of cats, because they consider them pure animals, unlike dogs, so they allow them to enter their homes and mosques.

However, there are interpretations in Islam, as well as in Arab nations, where cats are a symbol of thieves.

If you dream of killing a cat, it indicates your victory in the waking life, that is, you will manage to avoid fraud and the thief will get his punishment.

To dream that you have fed a cat means that a person owes you and that the debt will be collected.

In Thailand, Siamese cats are the protectors of temples. Therefore, if a cat like this appeared to you in a dream, it is a good sign, because it symbolizes spirituality and protection.

Celtic and Japanese cultures experience cats in a similar way- a negative way. They are a symbol of bad luck, deception and cunning. Black cats in a dream are an even greater evil for them, because they symbolize something mysterious and occult.

Hinduism interprets dreams in which cats appear as a warning sign. A person should be aware that he is surrounded by bad people.

If a person dreamed that a cat would bite or scratch them, it means that they are in danger and that they should protect themselves and their property.

Dreaming of a cat – symbolism

Cats have always been a theme that often appears in dreams. This is not surprising, considering that they are animals that we see every day and that we often keep as pets.

Also, they appear in the mythology and religions of many people. The interpretation of dreams depends on what nation and religion you belong to, but of course also on the relationship you personally have with these animals.

Depending on whether you like them or not, these dreams can have both positive and negative interpretations.

In general, cats in dreams mostly symbolize female characteristics – femininity, sex appeal, intuition and vulnerability – regardless of whether the person having the dream was a man or a woman.

Also, they can give some sign of how you experience the opposite sex and what kind of relationship you have with it. It can point to the hidden talents you have, to creativity and curiosity.

I can also point out some part of you that you are hiding. They are often interpreted as a negative symbol in a dream because they can announce an accident or danger.

Dreaming of a cat as a symbol of intuition

Another thing that cats can represent in dreams is our intuition. Intuition is the feeling we have when we think we know something, but we cannot find a logical explanation for it.

Some people are in touch with their intuition and are usually guided by it in life, relying on it when making important decisions.

If you want to determine whether you are in touch with your intuition or ignore it, pay attention to the appearance and health of the cat that appeared in your dream.


From the text you have read so far, you could draw the conclusion that cats that appear in your dreams can have several different meanings, but that the most important and most common meaning is your subconscious experience and attitude towards the opposite sex.

It is also possible that in some cases they can be a useful source of information, so pay special attention when you have dreams like this, because they can point you to something important in some aspect of your waking life.