What does it mean to dream of a broom?

Broom – an object we often see. We can say – every day. Therefore, it is expected that dreaming of a broom is not uncommon. A broom in dreams is usually a good sign.

When you fall asleep and dream of a broom, expect some positive life change – whether in business, love or health.

Maybe you will hear good news? Maybe you will change your place of residence, or you will finally overcome the problems that have been bothering you for a very long time.

If you dreamed of a broom, it is almost certain that good people are around you.

Although, if we pay attention to other details of the dream, it is possible that the broom symbolizes insincere friendships, warns that there are those in your environment who would harm you or take advantage of you.

Therefore, it would not be bad to take into account who do you trust so that the information you said would not be used against you.

Just as we use a broom to tidy up a house or yard and get rid of dirt, a broom in a dream can be a sign that you will soon get rid of all the negativity and problems.

In the near future, you will have many favorable opportunities. Be prepared, so you don’t miss them. The end of your troubles is close.

Don’t be lazy, use every opportunity you have. Don’t let anyone stand in your way and cause problems.

A broom seen in a dream can symbolize another thing – you will find yourself in a difficult situation, but don’t worry. Someone will help you get out of it.

The help that will be given to you will come from a person you would not think is able to help you, even in your wildest dreams.

Do you remember if the broom in your dreams was new or old? If you have been dreaming of a new broom, expect happiness to follow you, and new experiences in the field of love will not bypass you.

Unfortunately, it can also symbolize the bitter truth that friends around you are not as reliable and that you have marital problems.

If you dreamed of an old broom – expect situations that are not pleasant and business losses.

An old broom in dreams can hint of an reunion – you could see some good old friends very soon.

Dreaming of a dirty broom

If you’ve been dreaming of a dirty broom, expect to hear a lot of gossip about yourself. Some people close to you have turned against you.

This kind of dream is a sign that people around you are gossiping about you. There is nothing you can do to change that. You don’t even know why they started gossiping about you.

Maybe you gave them a reason to gossip with a word or deed, without you being aware of it.

If you dream this type of a dream, it would not be bad to think a little bit about your deeds and if you realize that you have done something wrong the result of your bad deeds will await you.

However, if you are truly confident that what you are doing is good, live your life the way you have always wanted and enjoy.

You will choose the obvious answers to solve your problems. Don’t be surprised if it turns out that you made the problem even bigger when looking for a solution.

It is not excluded that the problem caused by the “solution” will be worse than the original problem.

Dreaming of flying on a broom

If you have dreamed of flying on a broom, be aware of the fact that you serve as a role model for some people around you. You have a big impact on them. They will ask you for advice or comfort.

This is probably because of the business position you are in, or, more specifically, because of the influence you normally have on people around you.

This dream is a kind of display of fear of the people around you. Everything you say people take seriously and take to heart. You are someone that people respect.

It would be nice to use this potential and contribute to the common good of the people around you. You do things honestly and do not hesitate to influence your environment to a great extent.

If you have dreamed of flying on a broom, it is clear how much you sacrifice to please people, especially those close to your heart – family, friends and relatives.

Dreaming of breaking the broom

If you have seen a broom break or crack in your dreams, think about it. You probably didn’t treat people with respect and that’s why you have those kind of dreams.

Maybe you don’t treat your employees or people who respect you nicely?

Worse, maybe you are watching the people who care about you from above as if you are better than them? Do your best to correct this behavior.

Dreaming of a new broom

It’s a good sign if you’ve been dreaming of a new broom. It usually indicates that a new love affair is imminent. And, don’t worry, the people around you are good.

Your friends are reliable and honest, you can always rely on them. On the other hand, if you are married, it is possible that you will soon have a marital problem.

If you saw a new broom in a dream, the prospects are good for a career advancement or a progress in developing your own personality.

However, it is possible that you are surrounded by people who want to deceive you. Take a look at the situation, re-evaluate who it could be and keep your distance. Try to avoid those people.

Maybe those people from your environment are just envious, and maybe they really intend to deceive you. Either way, keep them away from you.

Dreaming of buying a broom

If you’ve been dreaming of buying a broom, maybe it’s time to realize that you can trust your intuition when making some decisions.

It won’t look like you’re doing the right thing, but have faith. Everything will be exactly as it should be.

This kind of dream can also mean that you are perfectly aware of what is happening around you. Being aware of all things from your environment is a good thing.

Unfortunately, you don’t like your work environment. But don’t worry. Soon, more diligent and responsible people will take the place of your colleagues, and thus your job will be much easier.

Dreaming of getting a broom from someone

If someone gave you a broom in a dream, you will probably be promoted soon.

Dreaming of a broken broom

Not a good sign if you see a broken broom in a dream. Unfortunately, you can expect a knife in the back from some dear people.

If you have already experienced something like that, maybe you have memories of that unpleasant event?

If you dreamed that the broom broke in your hands, consider yourself warned. Pay a little more attention to who you receive into your company. You can’t trust everyone.

It would be best to leave all the bad things that happened where they belong – in the past. Focus on what’s next.

If you are planning something, and it is about making money, this kind of dream means that you should be a patient a little bit more.

Simply, this period is not favorable for the realization of such ideas. Wait for a better time.

Dreaming of stealing a broom

If you dreamed of stealing a broom, be ready to react quickly and accurately. The situation you will find yourself in will be neither favorable nor easy.

Strengthen your diplomatic skills and emotions so that you can get out without any losses.

Dreaming of repairing a broom

If you dreamed of repairing a broom, you were probably shaken by the criticism of an elderly person as this dream refers to respect in your family. Someone may have criticized your behavior?

You will listen to their opinions and suggestions. This kind of dream can also refer to the repair of a family relationship that was broken for some reason earlier.

It is possible that you will reconcile with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Or, even, go back to your ex-spouse.

Dreaming of an old broom

The old broom you saw in your dream is not a sign of good changes. It is a sign that failures await you at work.

However, if you dream this dream, it is possible that you will meet old friends. You have not had the opportunity to see them for a very long time, so this meeting will be a positive experience for you.

Dreaming of cleaning the street with a broom

If you swept the street in your sleep with a broom, admit to yourself that you despise something or someone in your life.

Dreaming of losing a broom

If you dreamed that you lost a broom, do not let this dream discourage you. Try to find other ways to solve your problems,

You will only overcome your obstacles if you find an alternative. Don’t feel bad if the strategy doesn’t work. Maybe you just lack luck.

Dreaming of sweeping the floor with a broom

Did you clean the floor with a broom in your sleep? This dream symbolizes the end of your problems and troubles in which were caused by your previous failures.

Or, you may not have a problem at all at the moment.

At the same time, if you dreamed of cleaning the floor with a broom, it is very possible to get rid of things and people that do not suit you. Do your best to keep them out of your life.

This dream is, of course, a symbol of the positive events that follow – you may get a promotion or a dream job, overcome obstacles or move to a better location.

Dreaming of being chased with a broom

If you have dreamed that someone is chasing you with a broom, it will be that someone from your environment (parent or other close person) is extremely critical of you.

Their expectations are really high. It annoys you. You even secretly despise their expectations of you.

Dreaming of cleaning the sanctuary with a broom

If in your dream you cleaned a place of worship with a broom, such as a church, mosque or similar, you have no reason to worry. You evolve as a person, you will experience catharsis, and you will rise morally.

Dreaming of sweeping someone else’s house with a broom

If in your dream you cleaned someone else’s house with a broom, expect a good opportunity or a kind and rich guest ready to offer you help.

Dreaming of holding a broom in your hand

If you held a broom in your hand in your sleep, you are someone who until recently knew how to take care of yourself.

You have always been able to manage and protect yourself, but you haven’t been able to do that lately.

You are doing something wrong. In fact, it wouldn’t be bad to think what you did wrong? Your desire to succeed is strong, but in order to succeed, you must clearly define your goals and priorities.

Dreaming of a wooden broom

If you dreamed of a wooden broom, or you used it in a dream, do not rejoice. A business or family problem awaits you soon.

Dreaming of a broom hanging on a wall

If in your dream you see a broom hanging on the wall, it is evident that you want changes in life and strive to get rid of any form of negativity.

Unfortunately, it also means that your life has become more complicated lately. However, don’t worry. This dream suggests that positive changes await you.

Dreaming of a broom in the corner

If you’ve been dreaming of a broom standing in a corner, it’s the right time to admit to yourself that you’re not very capable of concrete actions, as that’s the only way to make things better.

Otherwise, your dreams will forever remain just illusions. Go to cahse your dreams. It is not bad to seek advice from a more experienced friend.

Dreaming of eating a broom

Have you ever dreamed of eating a broom? It is very possible that you will come across secrets and run into serious problems after learning new information.

After learning this, it will not be easy for you to decide what to do.

Dreaming of a long broom

If you have been dreaming of a long broom, it is clear that you will have a better position in the future – many new opportunities will open up for you in the business world.

Dreaming of multiple brooms

It is a good sign if you notice several brooms in a dream. Expect financial success in the coming period. It’s time to pay off your debts.

You have waited for all the effort and work in which you have selflessly invested yourself and your time to finally pay off.

Dreaming of hitting someone with a broom

If you hit someone with a broom in your sleep, be careful. You are surrounded by people who are just waiting for the right moment to hurt you. Take this dream as a serious warning.

Dreaming of a broom – other meanings

If you dream of a broom, expect a financial improvement.

You can expect a lot of good things – promotion, change of the job or the position at work, engagement in a new project or even a career change.

If things in your life did not go exactly the way you wanted, now is the right time for positive changes. Expect a positive development of the situation.

It is possible that you will have to deal with some situations or emotions from the past. Learn that what is part of the past should also stay there so that you can progress in life.

If you have experienced depression in the previous period, it is time to make a change for better.

You will solve many problems and unfavorable situations in which you find yourself – you will overcome fears, overcome insecurities. The debts you have will be called the past in the coming period.

Unfortunately, brooms can also be a bad sign because they can be a symbol of quarrels and problems within the family.

They can also warn you to pay attention to your circle of friends. Don’t be sure everyone is honest. Detect the fake friends and remove them from your life.

Sometimes, a broom in a dream can herald bad news or an unpleasant visit. Don’t be surprised by financial losses after a dream like this.

It is also possible that you are currently bored and that you have dreamed of a broom because of that.

Your boredom probably won’t last long as some people try to tarnish your reputation by spreading malicious gossip about you.

The partner does not meet your needs, and it is possible that you are dissatisfied with your relationship. You feel neglected.

If you used a broom for cleaning in your dream, that is a good sign – you will solve problems and get rid of the bad things that follow you in life.

It’s time for the effort you put into making a project to finally pay off. It is possible that you will achieve the goal you set a long time ago.

Did you collect some garbage with a broom? You can almost be sure that you will be able to realize some project on which you are engaged.

But, if you cleaned the floor in the basement with a broom, it is not excluded that a business failure could happen to you.

It is possible that you have already experienced business failure in the recent past because you did not listen to someone’s well-intentioned advice. Probably because your counselor didn’t trust you.

You may be dreaming of a broom because there is something in your life that you do not want to face. Suppressing emotions or events will not do you any good.

Also, maybe a long-hidden secret makes you feel bad and uncomfortable? Anyway, you don’t want others to know anything about it.

Dreaming of a broom – symbolism

There are many reasons why you could dream of a broom. It is very important to understand the whole dream in order to know why that dream occurs.

It is not excluded that the broom appears in your dreams because of your stubbornness and attitude that would push all the problems under the carpet, get rid of insecurities and much more that should be worked on.

If you have ever dreamed of brooms and you do not understand where such a dream comes from, you are in the right place. Enjoy the time that follows.

Problem solving symbol

The dream of brooms could be an indication that you will finally have the opportunity to perfect what you have been struggling with for a very long time and get rid of unnecessary problems forever.

Such dreams are a sign that the time has come for all the troubles or problems of your life to be solved and that you are finally able to make healthy decisions on your own.

It is possible that all the things that caused you trouble in an instant will be discarded, so you have no reason to worry. Try to always solve problems on time.

Dreaming of a broom as a symbol of unfavorable situations

It is not uncommon to feel bad because of some situations and things that are not worth such emotions, but we are tormented for a long period of time.

If you saw a broom in a dream, you are probably depressed due to some unfavorable situations that have been happening lately and you are not sure what to do.

Take this dream as a warning – you should get rid of such feelings because the condition you have fallen into is not good for your health.

It is not easy, but you have to learn how to overcome unfavorable situations and obstacles that will be around you even when you want to be a better person.

It is possible that your life will get better soon. Don’t be lazy, work hard to prepare for what is yet to come.

A symbol of a better financial situation

If you dream of a broom, it is very possible that there will be a big change in the financial plan in the future. Your job and your engagement will bring prosperity to your business.

If you see a new broom in a dream, expect changes for the better regarding anything related to your job. Use your skills and watch how you create wealth for yourself and the people around you.

So, if you dream of a broom, expect progress. It is possible that you will raise what you are doing to a higher new level.

Dreaming of a broom as a symbol of new beginnings

Dreaming of brooms can be a symbol of a new beginning. So, such a dream can mean that you are expected to advance in the professional, financial and every other aspect of your life.

It is also possible that you will find a new job, be promoted to your current one, change your career and even your place of residence. Any change for the better is a possible scenario.

Subconsciously, the broom you saw in your dreams can be a sign that you will start things over, and that you are finally able to decide what it is that you would really like for yourself.

A happy start awaits you in the near future, so here’s a reason not to worry about anything.


Dreaming of a broom can be fun and interesting. But if we scratch beneath the surface, we will come to deeper insights that will tell us what our dream has told us.

These dreams can depict something very personal and we should certainly not ignore them.