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Color Meanings
Free Dream Interpretation

Color appears in dreams in many ways: as a image that is completely or partly in color (a woman in a red hat); as colored shapes or areas (yellow square, or blue background); or as the recall of a total scene or entire dream in natural color (green grass, blue sky, brown and green trees, etc.).

Many report their dreams are without color, or relate them as black and white. The recalling the color black, white or gray in dreams actually does have color significance. Recalling a black object for example represents the visual image of “blackness” which is different from simply recalling the image. Research in the sleep lab has shown that most of our dreams are in color (70% to 83%), and that it is a matter of recall that results in such a low report of dream color, just as it is a matter of recall that we remember so few of our dreams which occupy about 25% of our sleep time at night.

Dream Symbols

Color is as much a dream symbol as is the imagery in a dream. Color appears to represent the emotional conditions that stimulated a dream or dream image. As with any other symbol, color combines with the imagery to form a more complete dream meaning. Color will combine with a dream image to give it greater emotional significance. A red hat would be more expressive of passion, drive and vibrancy, for example, than a colorless hat.

Red : represents the root chakra; passion, life force energy, corporate power, relationship with authority, fear.

Orange: represents the sacral chakra; creativity, sexuality, the womb, partner relationships, jealousy, suspicion, friendship.

Yellow : represents the solar plexus; seat of inner power, group relationships, cheer, the sun, seat of the soul.

Green : represents the heart chakra; divine love, forgiveness, acceptance, power through peace, unconditional love, health, spring, evergreen, money, youth, support.

Blue : represents the throat chakra; the voice, inner truth, spiritual power, spiritual path, the color of the seeker, peace, depression and sadness, water, emotion, safety, comfort, night.

Indigo: represents the brow chakra; inner wisdom, vision, third eye, psychic abilities, destiny.

Purple : the color of the guru, of the yogi, the teacher, royalty, oppression, number seven, velvet, dawn.

White : represents the crown chakra; pure divinity, innocence, blank slate, fresh, clean, solitary, lonely, stark, cold, silence, winter.

Gray : represents clouded vision, confusion, soft, cool, old, dusk.

Brown : represents earth, depression, feet, stability, practicality, steadiness, warm, wood, yin, conduit, unclean.

Black : represents the Void, loud roaring silence, the womb, possibility, unknown.